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For the first time in forever, and only for a limited time, Disneyland and California Adventure have unleashed Frozen Fun, a chilling new feature of Frozen elements in the parks. They have everything from Meet and Greets with Arendelle Royalty, playing in the snow with our favorite snowman, and singing along to those famous songs we all know by heart! Here’s a review of some of the  Frozen Fantasies available at the parks right now.


Frozen Play at Royal Theater in Fantasy Faire

Rating: 9

The Royal Theater has replaced its showings of Beauty and the Beast and Tangled with the infamous Frozen until further notice. Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones tell the story of Frozen with special guests Anna and Elsa in a creative and very funny show. But this popular event draws in crowds of all ages so make sure to get a Fastpass and come at least 15 minutes early for seating. If you didn’t happen to get a Fastpass, there are lines for a standing area outside of the theater. The stand by seating may not be the most comfortable but it makes a good last resort. The seating inside the theater is spread out, with small mats for little ones to watch up close to the stage.


This captivating show captures the key elements from the movie in a fast paced and hilarious retelling. Anna and Elsa play themselves, however Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones play Hans and Kristoff (and Olaf) in the show. There are clever inside jokes throughout the show that make everyone in the audience laugh, no matter the age. The Ladies in Waiting move along the show using low budget effects and gags to give the audience a good laugh. At the end, everyone joins in to sing “Let it Go” with Elsa, and the queen even makes it snow for us in sunny California. Overall, this show is quite entertaining and fun for all ages. It is a great addition to your vacation and will bring smiles to anyone’s faces.


Snow Queen’s Art of Ice in the Disney Gallery on Main Street

Rating: 8

Main Street’s Disney Gallery has brought a wintery collection together with Frozen elements for guests to experience. There is unique concept art from the movie including clay models, renditions of Arendelle and sketches of our favorite snowman. Along with these pieces, are concept art for a Walt Disney inspired ride that was never to be created depicting a boat ride into a snow queen’s palace. These pieces are very ‘cool’ and interesting to see. It’s nice to see how Walt’s early concepts of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale changed into the inspired Frozen work it is today.

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California Adventure:

Anna and Elsa Royal Welcome Meet and Greet

Rating: 7

It’s time to meet Arendelle Royalty! This coveted experience is quite exclusive and the only way to meet Anna and Elsa is to get a Fastpass, so get to the park early for rope drop and head straight to Hollywood Land outside of Off the Page to get one! The meet and greet is outside of the Animation Academy right next to where you get the Fastpasses. Now that Anna and Elsa have places to be in the parks, they can’t be at the meet and greet location 24/7. So it is very likely that after you go through all the trouble of getting the Fastpass to meet them – only one royal may be available at the time you come to see them.  You never know if you will get Anna, Elsa, or both in your experience. Cast Members have been known to rush the lines as well, so try to make every moment you have in there count and snap pictures quickly!

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration in the Crown Jewel Theater (aka Muppet Vision 3D)

Rating: 10

This truly magical experience is my top favorite of the Frozen attractions so far. It combines the best features of the other Frozen attractions out there and puts them on one stage for us to experience. But make sure to get a Fastpass for this hourly performance! There is a standby line but if you wait there, you will enter last and not get a preferred seat. However, every seat, even the very back, is a good seat for this Frozen experience. Disney creates a silly yet entertaining storyline about how Arendellian historians tell the story of Frozen while we sing along and dance to the music from the movie. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff make appearances and help sing “Let it Go” with you as Elsa uses her magic to make it snow in the theater. The room changes during each sequence of songs (check the windows) and can I just say that hearing those little kids singing: “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”, well it melted my heart. Everyone, even adults, are encouraged to sing along loud and proud and join in on the fun. It is a family oriented experience that you will definitely want to enjoy again and again!

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Do You Wanna Draw A Snowman? at Animation Academy

Rating: 7

Animation Academy has replaced all character sessions with sessions of drawing Olaf or Marshmallow from the movie Frozen. These 30 minute sessions are very popular so make sure to get in line inside the studio about 10-15 minutes early. You can watch segments of Frozen and other popular movie scenes while you wait. You will learn to draw these frosty characters through the direction of a sketch artist from the park (without erasers). Don’t worry these are easy classes and never throw away your masterpieces! Keep them as a souvenir, even frame them. They are one of a kind and only available for a limited time!

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Olaf’s Snow Fest in Hollywood Land

Rating: 8

If you’ve ever wanted to play with a real live snowman now is your chance! Stop by Olaf’s Snow Fest right next to Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and get ready to snap a picture with the snowman himself. But be ready to stand in quite the line to do so, I mean generally 45 minutes of waiting is the norm.  However, you can always just head in a separate entrance just to play in the snow without meeting Olaf. There is no shortage of snow for you to play with and build your own snowman. It’s even a good idea to bring mittens if the little ones get cold. However, every few hours the snow does need to be fluffed so it is typical once or twice a day to see Olaf’s Snow Fest shut down for a while. Plus there are really cute “Arendelle” themed food items to try and a little corner just for merchandise. This experience is really fun for the kids and a great opportunity for adults to snap some adorable pictures. If you’ve got the time to stand in line, seeing Olaf is a great addition to your day as well. All in all, this Frozen experience has enough Disney magic to fulfill my expectations.

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So there are just a few reviews on the Frozen Fun events going on in the Disney parks. There is also a nighttime dance party in California Adventure where alcoholic beverages are served and even Marshmallow makes an appearance, but I will let you find out about that one on your own! These family oriented experiences are only available until May 30th so get here soon and soak up every moment!

Ok Bye,

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