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By D’land Diva

Sometimes, simple is better for the little ones. When D’land Diva son was a baby, we saw several Halloween costumes that we would have liked for him to wear. Unfortunately they involved a lot of fur or thick material covering him from head to toe. I knew that HE was never going to go for it.

Then there is the matter of price. Have you seen the cost of some of the newest Halloween costumes? I cannot justify spending forty or fifty dollars for a costume that my child will wear a few times and that will not fit in six more months.

As a Disney loving family, we love to dress up as our favorite Disney characters for Halloween. When D’land Diva son was two years old and wanted to be his favorite character, Donald Duck for Halloween, I had to come to some sort of compromise. So I made his costume. Then I began to ponder other inexpensive and easy ways to make other Disney costumes. The deal was that they had to cost twenty dollars or less to make and they had to be comfortable for my kids.

So here are some of my wild ideas:

1) Donald Duck. Supplies: a blue t-shirt, yellow ribbon, red bow, four black buttons, a white cap, yellow felt, black felt and light blue felt. We had the yellow ribbon, bow and black buttons at home. Around Halloween time, our craft store has t-shirts and caps on sale. Felt is super cheap, about 35 cents each piece.

There was no sewing involved here. I just glued. I found a picture of Donald Duck online and I simply copied his outfit and glued the pieces down. I did use super tacky glue so it would hold better. For the hat I decided to carefully cut the shapes I needed and glue them down. Worked great! D’land Diva son wore tan pants on the bottom half of the costume, but if you could also go with yellow pants if you find them. By the way, this idea would also work for other characters, including Mickey Mouse!

2) Minnie Mouse. Supplies: Minnie ears, black shirt, black leggings and polka dot skirt. This year D’lad Diva daughter is going to Minnie Mouse for Halloween. We were given a red skirt with white polka dots in a box of hand me down clothes. I was super excited when I saw it because I know my daughter loves Minnie. She has a pair of black leggings. We found the long sleeve black shirt on sale at Kohl’s last weekend for $3.50. The mouse ears were her very first set of mouse ears that we bought her at Disneyland one year ago.

Kohl’s also has a Halloween shop, which you can find here. For a limited time, until October 24th, Kohl’s will give our readers a special 10% discount on with the code UBLOG10. This code can combined with other discounts for a sweet deal!

3) Princess costumes. Supplies: Tulle (you will need a lot, maybe 5 yards), 1 package of 1 inch thick (25 feet) elastic,  t-shirt, 1 yard of lace, matching leggings, tiara. I use a general princess term here because the idea covers a multitude of princesses. On top, you will need a shirt. If you are making an Ariel costume, you may want to use sea green. If you are making a Cinderella costume, you may want to use light blue. Glue or sew some lace onto the front of the shirt. To make the tutu, cut strips of the tulle to the size you are most comfortable with for your child. Measure your child’s waist and sew or staple the elastic to the correct size. Tie the strips of tulle around the elastic in a knot. I have a picture here of my Dr. Who costume, but well, you get the idea. It is up to you how much tulle you want to use. I like to use a lot of layers to make it full! You can get fun with the tulle. They have tulle with sparkles, or you can glue some sparkles on there. The leggings go on the bottom. 


 4) Tinker Belle. Supplies: Tulle (about 5 yards), 1 inch thick elastic (25 feet long), leotard, tights, wand, wings (these are pretty cheap around Halloween time at Party City). Again, this is a tutu type skirt that you will make to go on the bottom of the leotard. I like the more princess looking Tink, but you could also just use some green fabric and make a skirt on the bottom. To make the tutu, measure your child around her waist. Sew or staple the elastic closed. Cut strips of tulle to the correct length for you child and tie them in a knot around the elastic. How big you want the skirt is up to you. I like to have multiple layers.
Now it is YOUR turn. Do any of you have an easy Disney Halloween costume ideas for kids to share?