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Heading to a Park in the Rain

By: Pixie Hollow Diva

My family has taken multiple Disney trips per year for the last seven years. I must admit it must have been pure luck because we never really had rain during the times we chose to travel to Disney World. If we did hit any rain it would be late in the day any quick thunderstorm that would maybe last a half an hour. We have been lucky enough to never hit rain where the entire day was ruined. For the first time in all these years our second day in Disney World this past April was a day they had forecast bad rain all day long. Now, because we have never had to deal with rain all day before we were not sure what we wanted to do.  We did not know if we should change our plans or not.  I thought to myself, we are here and why not just go.

Heading to Parks in the Rain

This day was our first Magic Kingdom day for the week. My girls are 7 and 3 and we would have a stroller and really weren’t sure what we wanted to do.   We did not have a rain cover and the thought of maneuvering a double stroller in the rain was seeming like it would be more of a hassle.  My husband wasn’t thrilled on the idea of being soaked and heading to Magic Kingdom, but I said we are here and may as well. So, we boarded the bus at Wildness Lodge, which was where we were staying, in the pouring rain and figured we would make the best of it!

The rain let up slightly as we arrived at Magic Kingdom but we decided to head to Columbia Harbour House for lunch. It was around 1130 so slightly before the lunch rush.  I figured this would keep us dry or give us a chance to dry off and maybe the rain would let up even more.  The restaurant was slightly busy due to the rain, but we were able to get a table.  As we finished eating the rain was only a light drizzle at this point. Magic Kingdom was practically empty! So, my older daughter wanted to go on rides my 3-year-old did not. My husband took the little one and I took my older one and we split up for about 45 minutes. This was a good idea for us because my older one loves Haunted Mansion, like me and my little one is afraid.  We were able to do this ride and walk right on with no Fastpass!  This was cool because in all of the years we have gone to Disney World, we only had ridden the ride with a FastPass.  It was interesting to see the regular line with the different Haunted Mansion décor. 

We had gotten so much accomplished in such a short time!! My husband rode Dumbo twice and Prince Charming’s Carousel.  They managed to grab a snack and hang out while they were waiting for us.  In total for the separation times, my daughter and I did Haunted Mansion, Little Mermaid Adventure, Ariel’s Grotto and Dumbo!

Heading to Parks in the Rain

The rest of the day we did a bunch of other attractions including Fairy Tale Hall and the Tea Cups. My girls never showed much interest in Tomorrowland, so we usually always skip that part of Magic Kingdom.  Since the park was so empty we headed over.  We did some things in Tomorrowland just because we could even though the girls didn’t have much interest except for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Heading to Parks in the RainHeading to Parks in the Rain

We had stared the rides around 12:30 that day and we stayed until around 4.  We had a dining reservation for Be Our Guest at 4:30 inside the park. In total, we accomplished 14 attractions with two young kids! The rain was a total win for us and worth the damn clothing! We did have our ponchos which are always a must have to pack for reasons like this! They do not take up much room so make sure you always have them with you!!
Diva Tip try to bring yours from home if you remember we forgot this time and had to spend $40 on for ponchos in the hotel gift shop-local dollar stores sell them!

Heading to Parks in the Rain

Happy planning!