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by Disney Magic Diva

How to Keep the Magic in Your Walt Disney World Resort Bus RideIt’s kind of a love-hate relationship. One of the best perks of staying at a Walt Disney World resort is the complimentary bus transportation from the resort to the parks. No hassle or expense of renting a car, fighting traffic, navigating the construction, and parking. The My Disney Experience app even tells you when the bus will arrive at your resort, so you know if there’s time for that last cup of coffee in your room before you head out to the park.  (Watch my video tip on how that works!)

Often the bus ride to the park can be part of the magic! We’ve had some of the most incredible bus drivers – those who conducted trivia contests and sing-alongs while en route come to mind. And we’ve met some really terrific guests on our bus rides. Chatting about our plans for the day, sharing tips, and discovering where they are from is always a chance to learn something new.

But unfortunately not all bus rides are magical. At peak times busses can be standing room only and sometimes, like in any large group of people, you encounter more “Grumpys” than “Happys.” If guests would just keep in mind a few easy and simple rules, the journey could be pleasant for everyone.

Heed the yellow line! While waiting for your bus to arrive, you’ll notice a yellow line painted on the pavement.  Stay behind this line!  It’s there as a safety precaution so guests don’t get too close to the curb and risk being hit by an incoming bus.  Drivers are not allowed to pull up to the curb until everyone is behind the yellow line, so if you ever want to be able to board the bus, stay behind the yellow line.

No whining. Sometimes busses are crowded. Sometimes there are school groups, sometimes cranky babies, sometimes there are several scooters that need to be loaded.  Whatever the situation, try to remember it’s everyone’s vacation, so please be considerate. Try not to complain – at least until you are back in the privacy of your room.  You don’t know their story or situation, and they certainly didn’t ask your opinion.  So keep it to yourself.

How to Keep the Magic in Your Walt Disney World Resort Bus RideBe prepared.  If you have a stroller, it’s probably full of bags and toys and drinks and sleeping children. And unfortunately, you’re going to have to unload all that treasure and fold it to board the bus. Please don’t wait until the bus arrives to begin doing that.  Be prepared! Get all your belongings out and consolidated, and then when the bus pulls up you can swoop that sleeping princess out of her carriage, fold the stroller, and be ready to board.  Everyone behind you will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  (And once on board, move your stroller out of the aisle as much as possible. Other guests still need to get by!)

Give it up. If guests who could use a seat are standing (elderly, pregnant, parents holding a sleeping child) and you are able to stand, give up your seat!  Likewise, if your little one is occupying a seat but could fit on your lap, use the time to cuddle and let someone else have a seat. Spreading a little pixie dust is always appreciated, and you’ll be modeling good manners for your child.  Make your Mom proud and, if you are able, give up your seat!

Move on back.  If you’re one of the last to board and will be standing, please move ALL the way to the back of the bus.  Hopefully the driver will help facilitate this and remind guests to move to the back, but if not consider this your reminder.  PLEASE MOVE ALL THE WAY BACK!  It’s amazing how many people can fit on a bus if everyone cooperates.

Keep a lid on it.  Remember, not everyone on the bus wants to hear all about your hysterical encounter with Goofy, your scrumptious dinner, or how you drank your way around World Showcase. (yeah…especially not your drinking adventures!) So please keep your voice at a modest level.  This is a good rule to keep in mind for cell phone conversations too.  We don’t ALL need to hear what you have to say. Try texting, or at least keep it down.

How to Keep the Magic in Your Walt Disney World Resort Bus RideControl your kids. Yes, we know they’re excited. And yes, it’s their vacation too, so some behavior outside the typical lines is expected. But the bus ride is not the place to let your kids have the free reign to do whatever they please. Let them burn off all that energy at a dance party or in the pool. It’s just not safe (or considerate) to be wild and free on a bus. Please keep control.

Step off and keep moving! Once you’re off the bus, keep moving!  Please don’t stop right outside the door to wait for your party.  And if you have a stroller, please move along out of the pathway before you stop to set it up.  We don’t need everyone running into you creating a domino pile-up.  That wouldn’t be magical at all!

Thank your driver. If you exit out the front set of doors, be sure to thank your driver.  Walt Disney World bus drivers take us to the magic and safely get us back to the resort. We just hop on board and don’t have to do anything but relax.  That certainly deserves a “thank you!”  And don’t forget – drivers are a wealth of information about park hours, nighttime shows, and loads of other topics.  Ask them (but not while they’re busy driving!)

Those are some rules we try to follow.  What about you?  Do you have any others to add?  Please let us know!

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