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Three of the coolest California people I know, wait…. the only three cool people in California I know, um, virtually…. no no Marcy wouldn’t like that I’ve prefaced it with “virtual friends” , ok, lets try the Three Disneyland moms, some of the best bloggers out there, and friends of mine, have put together an “integrity” pledge. The idea is to encourage fellow Disney bloggers to continue to uphold the “ideals and integrity” of the Disney Brand.

Not only because I think these gals are great, but because I also like what they’re standing for, I have chosen to take the Three Disneyland Mom’s Pledge and put their badge on my site.

You can read the entire article here (note the citation via hyperlink to give credit where credit is DUE) which states:

As a Disney blogger I am dedicated to blogging with integrity and vow to:

  • never post rumors or items I know not to be true.
  • respect my audience and always be truthful in the ways in which I review and describe Disney experiences and products.
  • fully disclose sponsored posts and advertisements.
  • bring the fun and light side of Disney to my readers as a fan.
  • report timely and truthful insight as a news source.
  • write to the best of my ability and use the correct terms and phrases when reporting Disney news and information.
  • never take photographs or text from other blogs or sites without the owner’s permission.
  • be a friend to other Disney bloggers and fans, for we are part of a community, not a competition.
  • keep my blog current by posting on a weekly basis.

If you are a fellow Disneyland blogger I challenge you to take the pledge with us and work to uphold the visions associated with Disney himself.