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By British Diva

Avast Me Hearties….

Did you every want to be a Jolly Jack Tar  and set sail in your own vessel like a super cool & very modern Capt’n Jack Sparrow?!
Well at Walt Disney World it is possible to hire at least 7 different types of nautical craft; from the quite sedate Pedal Boats to very speedy SeaRacers and all with NO previous boating experience!Last time British Diva’s family visited WDW we hired a 21′ Sun Tracker Pontoon boat from the marina at Fort Wilderness, a craft of this size can easily accommodate a motley crew of up to 10 pirates.

SeaRacers will seat up to 2 salty sea dogs and can be captained by a 5′ 12 year old!

Boston Whalers can welcome aboard up to 6 sailors and like the Sun Tracker pontoons they need to be captained by an adult of at least 18 years old.

Let’s Go Hire a Boat at Any of These 10 Marinas:

The Grand Floridian,
The Polynesian Resort,
The Contemporary Resort,
The Wilderness Lodge,
Fort Wilderness Resort & Camp Ground,
Port Orleans Riverside,
The Old Key West Resort,
The Caribbean Resort,
The Yacht Club
and at Downtown Disney.

Hire charges vary from £21 ($34) – £30 ($47) per 1/2 hour – I recommend that you to push the boat out and weigh anchor for at least an hours voyage!

A cruise on pontoon is a leisurely affair; my TOP TIP would be to bring along sun lotion, hats & shades,  soft drinks, some snacks and just sit back & enjoy bob-bobbing along Bay Lake & the Seven Seas Lagoon……….

Staying Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion……

Before you cast off you’ll be given a quick boating tutorial with some simple regulations that must be adhered to.


No, not of pirates…. but of the maritime rules of the Disney waterways –

Observe the ‘No Wake’ zones.
No alcohol (including rum) aboard ship.  Cool boxes will be checked.
All crew are allocated with a life vest, but children 12 & under must wear their’s at all times.
The waterways of WDW are policed by Disney recreational staff, be sure to follow their guidelines!


Yo-ho  yo-ho it’s a pirates life for me!  

It’s a common mistake for the first time Disney holidaymaker (vacationer) to presume that Walt Disney World is all about roller-coasters…… as a matter of fact there are only 6 to be found on Disney property! 

 Children are required to wear life vests at ALL times.
Boat hire is a great way to chill out and see a different, quieter side of Disney; away from all the razzmatazz and noise of the theme parks.

Look carefully and you may well spot the deserted and forlorn looking River Country water park as you float by…..

Land Ho!

So don’t be a land lubber staying high & dry, just shake a leg; try not to be three sheets to the wind and you’ll soon be anchors aweigh!