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by Fashionista Diva

If you are a fan of Beauty & the Beast but can’t get reservations to Be Our Guest restaurant, fret not, you can go during lunch time and experience the same magic! Be Our Guest restaurant is located inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom in new Fantasyland. There will be a line- this is a popular new attraction. However, they do provide umbrellas to keep the heat off and free water while you wait. We went during peak lunch time hours around 1:00 pm and only waited 20 minutes before entering the castle.

 Once you walk in you will see the guards in armor and several screens with the menu. When at the front of the line, they give you a magical rose device and send you to a touch screen kiosk to order. The food is good. It is traditional French cuisine so be prepared for some unique options. For vegetarians such as me, the options are limited. You can get a quinoa salad or a vegetable quiche. I was lucky enough to try both. I was not a fan of the quinoa, it tasted like cold rice pilaf. The quiche was delicious and filling. However, for all you carnivores out there the menu is fabulous. They have many sandwiches to choose from, including roast beef, steak, turkey, and ham. As for the children in your group, they offer meatloaf, pasta and other yummy food. The soda stations are self-serve. You go up, grab a cup, and fill up as many times as you would like. 

 Once completed, you take a seat anywhere you like in the castle. There are three main rooms. There is the Library, Ball Room, and West Wing. Each one of these rooms is magical in their own right. The West Wing is dark and does use fake thunder and lightning effects. TIP: If you have small children I would not recommend it. However, do pay a visit because they have the magic mirror and enchanted rose on display. If you look over the fireplace you will see the torn painting of the prince before he was turned into the beast. Wait until you hear the thunder and watch the painting for a magical surprise during the lightning.  

Diva Tip:  When taking pictures in the west wing turn the flash off. When the flash is turn on you cannot see the hologram of the rose or the picture of the prince very well.

The ball room is grand. It has beautiful chandeliers and paintings on the ceiling. This room is very well lit and has the most tables available. You could stare at the ceiling for hours it is that breathtaking. 

Take a look towards the back and spot the windows. If you look out the window you can see it is fake snowing. It is a very magical effect.

The library is bright and vibrant. There is a rotating statue of Belle and Beast dancing. Look around on the walls for pictures of Belle and Beast. There are iconic scenes from the movie as well as some fun pictures of the characters.

After you choose which magical room you are going to eat in, you just sit and wait. That magical rose they handed you, it will let them know exactly where you are and what you ordered. The great part about lunchtime visits is it cuts down on cost tremendously and has a more casual feel. You can walk around the castle at your leisure and take pictures. All in all I would highly recommend visiting Be Our Guest Restaurant. It is magical experience you would not want to miss. 

Diva Tip: On the way out, past the bathrooms, look for the beautiful mosaic art of Belle and her Prince. It is a great photo op.