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A nose full of wishes

A nose full of wishes

By: InspireDiva

Have you ever watched character meet and greets on YouTube, hoping that you will be able to catch a glimpse of some of the excitement and wonder? You hope that the magic will carry over into your life and ease you through the Disney withdrawals you are bound to be having if you are not actually at Disneyland this very moment. We do this, it is one of our (mine and my daughters) things.

So when we decided that we were going to take my daughter to Disneyland for her 16th birthday it started what I just named “Mission Peter” because the #1 thing on her list was that she had to meet Peter Pan. The idea of never having to grow up appeals to adults and children of all ages and even to sixteen year olds. Who knew?

Diva Tip:

If meeting a certain character is an absolute must or your list of things to do at Disneyland, then you will have to make your first stop when you enter either park City Hall or the Chamber of Commerce. You can find both just off to the left once you have entered either Disneyland park. They have a list of the characters that says if, when, and where they will be in the park. Plus if you are celebrating this is where you will pick up your celebration buttons. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, First Visits, Celebrations in general, and even Graduation. This is where they’re at.



Peter's thoughts on Terrence

Peter’s thoughts on Terrenc


After we found out when and where to find Peter, we had to watch and wait because a character interaction with Peter is different from the norm. He is a wandering character and he can be found all around Fantasyland, but most specifically near the wishing well and his ride. He acts like a typical little boy who has a lot of natural curiosity wandering about, climbing on or around things, he even picks up random things and puts them in his pouch. We were just crossing the bridge  into Fantasyland when we spotted him over by the wishing well and I made a mad dash over to stall him until everyone else could catch up.


Peter gives Bailee a moustache

Peter gives Bailee a mustache

The conversation was geared toward him and by him. He was playful, talkative and full of boyish humor. He asked us questions about how much we liked him and his ride (because it’s the best), and if we had any pixie dust to spare and could we show him. He asked if we knew where Neverland was and about how great it was to be able to fly through both Disneyland and space.

While talking to my son he commented on my sons Zelda T-shirt asking why some guy that looks like Tink’s friend Terrence was on his shirt and then let us know exactly what he thought of Terrence. (In his words he looks like a crusty piece of duck poop because he is covered in brown. Bleck!)

While talking to me he asked if I had any wishes and of course I gave him some (I heard him do this a few times so if you want to meet Peter specifically make sure to have some pennies on hand) which he happily took and then he promptly shoved them up his nose.

My daughter has really long hair and he while he played with the ends of her braids he gave her a mustache and a beard asking how she grew them so quickly and when she said I don’t know I just did he threw her braids in the air and said “huh, maybe I should try that sometime”.

IMG_2848Peter was one of our all time favorite meet and greets and honestly I would love another opportunity to see what he comes up with the next time. His popularity has made him a rare find in the park and last time we were there we heard a rumor from a cast member that he would no longer be a regular. Here’s hoping that that was just a rumor because Peter definitely brings you a piece of that Disney magic.