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                   Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor 

                                     By Florida Diva
Photo By Florida Diva
If you’ve never bothered to stop by this one of a kind comedy club, you’re missing one of the best attractions Disney has to offer. Located in Tomorrowland, this ever changing, interactive show had me in stitches and I regretted not having seen it before. 

You enter the theater lobby and are greeted by the “Monster’s of Comedy” wall of fame. TV screens invite you to text a tasteful joke that may be used in the show and soon the image changes to Roz and Mike who introduce you to the concept of the club; of course using gags and one liners to get you warmed up. 

Once the theater opens you are welcome to sit anywhere you like, but if you enjoy being a part of the action, sit a few rows back and towards the center aisle; this is where most of the audience participants seemed to be chosen from. 

As the show began, Roz explained that they needed our laughter to fill a large energy tank at the side of the stage and she used Mike for her physical gags to get things going. Eventually Mike takes over and memorable characters from the show were mentioned as being in the audience and this is where the fun began! I was delighted to see my friend, Todd, be introduced as Sully and even more thrilled when he got into character; much to the delight of the audience. 

           Any resemblance?
     Photos By Florida Diva
Randall made an appearance too, but was quickly asked to disappear, and this gentleman too did not disappoint as he slid out of his seat onto the floor. 

Soon the first set of comedians were introduced, Sam and Ella, and they got things ramped up, continuing the interaction with the audience. Next, Marty, Mike’s nephew, shows up and did a routine with the help of 2 lucky boys in the audience. In the end, of course, we managed to fill the laughter canister and unfortunately the show was over. 

What makes this attraction extra special is the real time collaboration with the audience and the unique experience this creates for every show. The only thing that could make this better was if they offered a DVD of the show for purchase. I would have bought a copy, just because my friend was in it. Overall though, this show shouldn’t be missed! 

Restrictions: None  Wheelchair accessible: Yes