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Author: Disney Diva
In March of 2012 I had a NEW Disney Experience. I rented a stroller for a Disney Vacation for the first time ever from a “rental place” instead of renting one for the week from inside Walt Disney World.
I had a family traveling with me which gave us two 5 1/2 year olds. We knew their little legs were going to wear out, but they were just a bit too large for a typical stroller.
So we got in touch with Shannon at Orlando Stroller Rentals, LLC at:
The rental agency came highly recommended! You can contact them by going to or by phone at 800-281-0884, but you will probably want to go on their website FIRST and look around for what stroller best fits your.
We opted for the City Elite Double Stroller because it seemed like it would be able to hold our two 5 1/2 year old children well (article coming soon on review of stroller). You can see in the photo below that by clicking on the stroller you are interested in you can select the date you would like to have your stroller dropped off and picked. You also select which resort to have the stroller delivered to. There are tons options are listed both on and off property and, if you’re like me and renting a house, they can deliver it there too. You’ll just want to call or email them to set that up.
After your select your delivery/pick up dates,and find out if your stroller is available for that time, you’ll get a billing page on the website.
As you can see the TOTAL charge for 7 days was $80.25 which INCLUDES delivery and tax! According to the Walt Disney World website on April of 2012 Double strollers for length of stay (which I definitely recommend if you’re going to be there more than a few days) are:
Which means the WDW Double Stroller rental would have been $189.00 for the same 7 days. This makes renting a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals quite a bit savings!
IMG_3509When I arrived at my rental house from Disney Sunshine Villas (which I highly recommend!) I found my rental stroller already inside and ready to be used. I’m assuming that the owners brought it in when they came to clean because normally it would be waiting by the door. If you are staying at a resort or hotel either on or off property they will deliver the stroller to the bell service/ luggage room. When you arrive just give your name to bell service or the front desk and tell them a stroller should have been delivered under your name.
The stroller was big and roomy and very clean. There were instructions attached about folding and unfolding the stroller attached as well as a name card attached to help prevent theft. We immediately wrapped our brightly colored ribbon around the handle so we would be able to easily identify it at the park, and set it aside to use the next day. I will be writing an article about the stroller itself, which I did not like since I was staying off property as it was large and presented MULTIPLE ISSUES, but this is NOT the fault of Orlando Stroller Rentals, they were simply providing what I asked for. However look for a review on the stroller itself in the near future for help with deciding which stroller to rent.
photo (2)
On the day I left I was asked to just put the stroller by the door and they would come to pick it up. We had a bit of a hiccup since a new driver was unable to locate the stroller, we think he didn’t know where the house was, but it just about gave me a heart attack worrying that it was stolen. However, I contacted Orlando Stroller Rentals right away to let them know I had left it by the door and when I received a reply later they told me it was probably the new guy’s mistake.
Luckily my husband was staying a few days after myself and was able to put it outside again the next day, otherwise it would have been left out in the elements until someone finally found it. However, we were able to put it out again the next day and it was picked up with no problem.
If you are staying at a resort or hotel you will need to drop the stroller off at the bell service/ luggage room at your hotel for pick up later that day.
I think Orlando Stroller Rentals is a good service at a very good price. I’d be careful about which stroller to pick if you’re going to be off Disney property and riding the tram, as the large strollers cause A LOT of drama. Small rental car trunks as well as the trams to the parks after parking will make you hate your life with the wrong stroller. I would do business with Orlando Stroller Rentals again and hope you will consider them for your upcoming Disney World vacation.You can click HERE to be taken to their site!