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Packing Tips for a Toddler or Baby

By Savvy Diva

Congratulations on your upcoming Disney trip! Isn’t it exciting?!? If you’re traveling with a toddler, like me, I hope you can use some of these tricks I’ve learned.
1. Don’t panic.

Traveling with a toddler or baby may seem like a huge ordeal, especially if you haven’t traveled with kids before. So, take a deep breath, don’t panic, and read the Tips from the Disney Diva Blog. This is going to be fun! That’s the point of a vacation, right?

2. Think small.

I like to be prepared for anything. I feel that it removes a lot of ‘what if’ stress. But being prepared does not mean you have to bring twelve suitcases for your toddler! Look for travel sizes or free samples of your favorite products. Remember that all the Disney hotels and the Disney Cruise Line provide you with free soap & shampoo, so you don’t have to pack those unless your little one has sensitive skin. They will love to wash with Mickey soap! And don’t pack the whole first aid kit. You really don’t need gauze pads & medical gloves. Take just one or two alcohol pads, bandages, & anti-biotic packs. All the parks have a first aid station if anything serious happens. I also recommend a small bottle of baby dish or laundry soap for those accidents that need immediate attention! Just quickly wash in the sink and hang over the shower or take advantage of the retractable clothes line in the Disney Cruise Line bathrooms. There are washers & dryers on property too, and those little laundry soap pods are small and handy. The only full-size things you need to have are medications like Children’s Tylenol. Be sure to pre-approve all dosing sizes with your doctor before your trip. To sum up: You don’t need a whole package of safety pins, you just bring one.
Here are just a few of the travel size and sample products I have for traveling!

3. Make mornings easier.

Pre-pack all of your toddler’s outfits in zip bags! One outfit per bag: shirt, pants, underwear, socks, hair bows, etc, and label the contents on the outside. In the morning all you will have to do is grab a bag and shoes (or throw a bag at your partner so they can dress the kid J). Big kids can pick a bag and dress themselves. These also work as space-savers if you squeeze all the air out before sealing them all the way. I also recommend taking an extra bag with you to the park or on excursions so there’s a handy change of clothes if things get messy. Oh, and just throw those messy clothes in the zip bag!

4. Make meal time easier.

Pre-pack meal supplies in zip bags too! In each bag put a spoon/fork, bib, and a few wipes. I highly recommend disposables; I get mine at Babies R Us when they are on sale. For wipes, try to save all those free wet wipe packets you get a restaurants (all mine say Buffalo Wild Wings). You can use the empty bag for the dirty spoon and bib. If you’re using disposables, the empty bag is great for leftovers! Then when they are hungry again an hour later, ta-da!

5. Prevent snack-crisis.

Disney is currently in a deal with Kellogg, so you will not find Cheerios on Disney property or on the cruise line. To most, this isn’t a big deal. To some, this is a BIG DEAL. Bring Cheerios.

6. Start a diaper tally.

Every kid is different, so I recommend starting a diaper tally to see how many diapers and wipes your toddler goes through. If you are going to be gone five days, count five days at home, and then add a few more to the count for packing. Leave the tally sheet right by the changing table so you don’t forget.

7. Make sure you have all the things.

The best way I’ve found to make a kid’s packing list is to mentally walk through their day.

– Morning, waking up: diapers, wipes, rash cream, clothes, socks, shoes, hair brush
– Breakfast: disposable spoons, forks, bibs, wet wipes
– Playtime: book & a toy
– Etc.

Keep this list accessible so you can add to it when things come to mind. I use the Tips from the Disney Diva free iPhone app. It has a section where you can keep everyone’s list!

8. Again, don’t panic.

If you forget something, it is not the end of the world. Disney stores have all sorts of supplies, and even though they are more expensive, they’re still convenient.