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By D’land Diva

When Mr. D’land Diva and I were dating, there was one restaurant that we always went to on our Disneyland dates- Pizza Port. This Tomorrowland eatery is located right next to Space Mountain and the Innoventions building, at the back of Tomorrowland.

Pizza Port is a cafeteria style eatery, where you walk up to place your order, put it on your tray and pay at the front. This is very efficient for crowded days.

The reason we always ate at this particular place? The large portions. We would get a pasta plate to share and a side of breadsticks. If I was feeling like I needed to be healthy, I would switch out the breadsticks for a side salad.

There is also the option of pizza, thus the name of the restaurant- Pizza Port. Pizza slices, as well as salads and pasta plates all run between $6-$10. Pizza slices are around $6.50 each and include options of Hawaiian, pepperoni, cheese and vegetarian. If you are eating with your entire family, you can order a whole pizza for around $33, which is very good deal. Pizza slices run pretty large, but one slice may not fill an adult with an appetite. In this case, you can order breadsticks with marinara sauce (around $5) or a side salad (around $4).

Salads run about $9 and include Asian Chicken, Chicken Cesar, Starfield of Greens (my personal favorite) and Pizza Salad. I love the Asian Chicken salad. My mom loves the Pizza Salad. On days when my body needs a healthier meal, I like to order the Starfield of Greens without the cheese and an order of Raspberry Vinaigrette on the side.

 Diva Tip:  You can order your salads without certain ingredients and they will make it fresh for you. Vegetarians and vegans, this is a great option for you!

As I previously mentioned, the pastas come in large servings. They are also a bit more expensive at about $9-$10. A favorite for us, and for our friends, is the Chicken Alfredo Pasta dish. It is creamy, it is rich and it is comfort food when you are just tired and want to enjoy some good food. Other pasta dishes include a pasta with marinara sauce or marinara with meatballs.

Let’s not forget the kids! Both kids and toddler meals are available. The toddler meal is the rice and chicken cup that is available at most Disneyland eateries. The kids have a choice of a slice of pizza or a meatball and spaghetti dish. Kids meals run around $6.

If you are miraculously still hungry after your meal, there are some rice krispy desserts or parfaits that are available to you. These run around $5 each.

If you find yourself in Tomorrowland during lunch or dinner and are looking for a good, well priced meal, I recommend Pizza Port. Buon Appetito!