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By D’land Diva

If I were honest with myself, I could probably make a day of shopping at Epcot. Not only are there there traditional souvenir shops, but there are a ton of international shops as well!

Here is just a highlight of some of my favorite shops at Epcot:

1) Art of Disney- Located near the Innoventions building, this is the place for Disney character art and collectibles.

2) Mouse Gear (Future World)- This shop has- you guessed it- a large selection of Disney clothing. This is THE place to get your souvenir t-shirt. Other gifts can also be found here, such as my second favorite park souvenir- the magnet.

3) Disney Traders (World Showcase area)- Pin trading alert! And also a great selection of mini-characters. Have you seen the mini-characters. They are fun to collect.

4) Imageworks- Located in the Imagination! building it is here that all your Figment merchandise can be found. This is very important for the D’land Diva family. We love Figment! There are also some fun ways to take and send your own photos and make some fun music. This shop has some silliness, just like our beloved Figment.

5) The Crown and Crest (United Kingdom) and The Toy Soldier (United Kingdom)- Maybe it is just because I am partial to Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh or books in general, but The Crown and Crest has a great selection of books and tea cups. And if you are looking for the Keep Calm and Carry On shirts, this is the place to get them. The Toy Soldier is my second favorite shop in the United Kingdom because it is here that you can find wooden toys. I love toys made out of wood. The workmanship is amazing.

6) Tangier Traders, Medina Arts and Marketplace in the Medina (Morocco)-  Yes, I know I put three shops here. The truth is, they are all very interesting to walk through. These stores offer rugs, baskets, clothing and even finger symbols (to, you know, practice the belly dancing moves you learned at Restaurant Marrakesh). It is also here that you can find a red Fez. Because Fez’s are cool.

7) Mitsukoshi Dept Store (Japan)- This THE place for toys. Seriously. Watch both little and big boys drool over the robots in display cases.

8) Plaza de Los Amigos (Mexico)- Authentic Mexican art and collectibles. There is also clothing and if you are looking for a Sombrero, this is the place!

Have a fun shopping trip!