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By: Canadian Diva

SNACK credits at Walt Disney World are a tasty topic. Scoring the best value of a SNACK for a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan is as fun as trying to find Hidden Mickey’s.

Here at the Tips from the Disney Diva and Devo, many of us are HUGE fans of the Disney Dining Plan. All of us writers, combined, have tried the different 3 tiered Disney Dining Plan which is explained here. Disney Magic Diva also wrote about how you can save $600 on the most expensive, Deluxe Dining Plan here. And I tell you how to PLAN for your Quick Service Dining Plan (the more affordable plan) here.

ALL of the Dining Plans offered by Disney World includes 2 snacks per person per night’s stay. This confuses a lot of Newbie’s visiting Disney World because many do not know what a snack entails. Note that all snacks are not created equal in size and price, keep reading and let us tell you our favourite tips and tricks for using SNACK CREDITS!

Diva/Devo Unofficial Rules for Snack Credits:

  1. Always look for the Disney Dining Plan SNACK credit sign (see below) wherever you go to any resort and at ALL the Disney Theme Parks including Waterparks as well as in Disney Springs. This symbol will be your best SNACK CREDIT guide!
  2. FUN GAME: try to always get the highest priced snack for your snack credit. Not all expensive snacks are eligible for a Credit however, we have seen some snacks for as much as $8.99 and $9.99! What a great deal! For my family, I usually tell everyone to try and get a snack that is at least $4.99 or more (if possible)
  3. Snacks can be MEALS (for real, some are so huge and filling and some are savoury instead of sweet)
  4. Look out for healthy snacks
  5. DO NOT use your snack credit for Bottled Water!
Disney Dining Plan, Snack Credit, Snack Credit Symbol, Disney Dining Plan Symbol, Snacks

LOOK for this sign to use your SNACK Credits.
Photo Credit: Disney Magic Diva


Where do we start? There are so many treats and eats you can get with your SNACK Credit. Myself, along with the Tips from the Disney Diva Team of writers have had some GREAT snacks to tell you about.


With the Regular Dining Plan you get 1 Table Service Credit and 1 Quick Service Credit plus 2 SNACK credits per night’s stay. With the Quick Service Dining Plan you get 2 Quick Service Credits and 2 SNACK credits per night’s stay. People may ask, but people eat 3 meals a day (or more). That’s where the SNACKS come in handy for BREAKFAST. There are so many great Quick Breakfast options for your Snack Credits. ALL the resorts have Bakery Cases full of treats that you can get for your SNACK credits, these include croissants, cereal, muffins, toast, coffee cakes etc. If you are craving something more savory, ask for a SIDE order of bacon or sausage or fries and use it as a SNACK credit. There is also FRUIT and although fruit may not be the best monetary value, health wise, it’s a great snack to use if you are not having grocery delivered.

Snack Credits, Breakfast, Walt Disney World, Disney World, Disney Dining Plan, Snack Credits

So many Breakfast items you can get using your SNACK Credits.

Diva Tip: To maximize my family’s dining plan, I know my kids cannot finish their Quick Service Meals (the meals can be huge), so I get a fruit cup/fruit with my snack credit and then share their meal with them, while saving another Quick Service meal credit for later.

Diva NOTE: At all Resorts, because you have your Refillable Mug which can only be refilled at any resort, this means you don’t need a drink with your meal. The resort (and this only applies to resorts) will allow you to substitute your drink for a “dessert”, in this way, you don’t need to waste a snack credit for a dessert you may want at your resort, you can even use this “dessert” replacement as part of your meal if you are sharing like I mentioned above. So you can SAVE a SNACK credit for later, this can really stretch your credits and dining plan further overall. To read more tips about the Refillable Mugs available with your Dining Plan, read here.

there are 3 mugs show here, all have lime green handles and lids. The one on the left has an image of a red car who is Lightning McQueen. The middle mug which doesn't really show the handle is a full image of Buzz Lightyear and the mug on the right has images from the movie "Finding Nemo" with Dory and other sea creatures show as well as an alien spacehip flyiing in the sky from the Toy Story Movies. All 3 mugs are placed on a shiny brown table.

The new 2019 RapdFill Mugs design at Walt Disney World. Thank you to Military Diva for this photo.



If you are out touring Walt Disney World, you will happen upon countless treats and desserts that you can use your SNACK credits for. From the FAMOUS Dole Whip, to Mickey Bars, Ice Cream, Churros, Popcorn and Candy Floss and Cupcakes (see below) the list is endless. Desserts and treats can be a sweet treat or a refreshing treat for those hot summer Florida days. Don’t forget all the seasonal treats that start to role out with Special Events. There are really no shortage of SNACKS you can get with your Snack Credits!

Snacks, Mickey Bars, Snack Credit, Disney World Snacks, Disney Dining Plan, Snack Credit Snacks

Pink Diva’s Children enjoying their favorite SNACK at Walt Disney World, the FAMOUS Mickey Bar!



Walt Disney World is FAMOUS for their famous cupcakes, especially the seasonal or special event Cupcakes. Many of these famous cupcakes are SNACK credits. The variety, quality and size of the Cupcakes are truly filling. There are so many seasonal cupcakes and themed cupcakes especially if there is a NEW Disney Move release. Also many resorts have their own special cupcakes to rival others. Regular Disney World visitors resort hop, just to see and try what each resort has to offer in Cupcakes. My husband and my favourite cupcake we have tried is definitely the Mermaid Cupcake found at the Art of Animation resort, it has a surprise pineapple and coconut filling inside, YUM!

Diva Tip: The famous GREY STUFF (cupcake) offered at the Be Our Guest Restaurant is not part of your Quick Service Meal for Breakfast and Lunch, however you can order it separately and charge is as a SNACK CREDIT. Our family definitely does this each time we visit Be Our Guest for Breakfast or Lunch.

Cupcakes, Disney World Cupcakes, Disney Cupcakes, Seasonal Cupcakes, Themed Cupcakes, Disney Resort Cupcakes, Disney Parks Cupcakes

Many of the incredible Cupcakes at Walt Disney World qualify for a SNACK Credit!


YES there is a variety of specialty drinks that you can use your snack credits for. From milkshakes to protein shakes, slushies, and smoothies. Make sure you look for the Disney Dining Plan Snack symbol (as seen above) to make sure the drink qualifies. My husband likes to work out and he really enjoyed getting a Protein Shake offered at our resort. It was a great use of our Snack Credits. I found a HUGE SCORE at Aunt Annie’s Galactic Goodies, the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Milkshake, which is $7.99 is amazing!

DO NOT use your snack credit for a soda drink in the parks! Either has a soda that is included with your meal or pay out of pocket as soda is not really a great use of credit. If you are not a soda drinker, you can also get a bottle of water with your Quick-Service meal. Kid’s meal has various juices available that is included in their meal as well.  If you are thirsty and in between meals, I would use a Snack Credit for a special drink instead like a smoothie or slushy drink. Also, there is FREE ice water available at all Quick Service Eateries, just ask the Cast Members at the Counter or there is usually a container with Free Ice Water that you can fill a cup with.

Diva Tip: don’t forget that many specialty drinks at Quick Service Restaurants may be INCLUDED with your meal, even alcoholic drinks for adults (always confirm with a Cast Member). If you want a specialty drink with your meal, do not use a SNACK credit in this case and save your snack credit for another treat.


Starbucks truly deserves its own, special category with this topic! I learned from Pixie Dusted Diva (the owner of Tips from the Disney Diva), that you can order the LARGEST sized Starbucks drink with a SNACK credit. So if you want to order your favorite Frappuccino in a TRENTI size, go for it! What I also love about using a SNACK credit at Starbucks is that I can have any alternative milk (like almond, soy, coconut) at NO extra charge! As you know, if you are ordering a Starbucks drink with an alternative milk, you get charged extra however at Walt Disney World, with your SNACK credit, it is all included.

Another thing I learned from Pixie Dusted Diva, is to get FREE Starbucks ice water. At home or any Starbucks around the world, they always provide free tap water and in Walt Disney World it is the same. The great thing at Starbucks, compared to other Quick Service Places at Walt Disney World is when you get free water, you can ask to have it in the largest cup available and their cups are usually easier to carry around if you have a lid on top. At most Quick Service places, they simply provide a lidless cup. None of the places above can refill a water bottle for you.

Starbucks, Starbucks drink, Snack Credit Drinks, Snack Credit, Snacks, Walt Disney World Starbucks, Free Ice Water,

Get any size Starbucks with a Snack Credit (excluding “Special” Drinks) and ask for FREE water too!

Unfortunately, the SPECIAL themed drinks available at STARBUCKS in Walt Disney World,  are NOT included as a SNACK credit. The Special drinks are any of the drinks you see written on the CHALK board above the Cast Member upon ordering. Hopefully, Walt Disney World will change this rule one day.

MEALS as Snacks!

Many snacks are so big, it can be a meal. Especially if you wanted to eat something lighter because you ate a heavier meal earlier that day. I’ve had a small bowl of chicken soup as a snack credit. There are Quick Service Eateries around Walt Disney World that have French Fries with a variety of toppings (kind of like fusion poutine) which is definitely a filling meal. You can even ask for a “side” to be a Snack Credit if you don’t want a full meal, make sure to confirm with a Cast Member with what is eligible. All of this will help you stretch your meal plan even more.

Poutine, Quick Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan, Disney Dining, Snack Credit, Epcot, Refreshment Port, Disney Food, Disney Poutine, Disney Foodie

Signature Poutine which is a SNACK CREDIT on the Disney Dining Plan!

Healthy Alternatives

Also, in each park and at the Eateries in the Walt Disney World resorts, there will always be a “fresh” market or section where you can find Fresh Fruit as well as other healthy options. Most of the time, these are not the best use of a Snack Credit however if you or your children needed a break from all the sweet and savory stuff, these are great options. This also includes Granola Bars, Energy snacks and even fresh smoothies and as well as protein shakes at certain locations. It’s always great to have these as an option.

Fresh Fruit in Baskets. Bananas, red apples, grreen apples, oranges

This array of Fresh Fruit was found at the Coronado Springs Resort in the Quick Service Eatery. You can use a Snack Credit for Fresh Fruit as well as Fruit Cups.


Allergy-Friendly Snacks

Disney World has a wonderful array of Allergy-Friendly snacks throughout the parks. From “nut-free” ice cream bars to gluten-free and vegan baked goods. They even have packaged snacks to cater to people with allergies. Many may know from reading some of my articles that my son has severe food allergies, so my family is always on the hunt for Allergy-Friendly treats for him. Although there may not be a huge variety offered (it’s getting better), research ahead of time and ask around when in Walt Disney World. Make sure you read all the ingredients carefully on packaged good and if you are at a food stand, kiosk or Quick Service Eatery, ALWAYS ask for the Chef or manager to make sure the treat is safe, they will often provide a binder with all the ingredients listed.

Frozen Lemonade, Minute Maid, Snack Credit, Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly, Food Allergies, Snack Credit Snacks

My son having one of his favorite Allergy-Friendly, refreshing treats found all over Walt Disney World. These Frozen Lemonade Treats are a SNACK Credit. They are gluten-free and allergy-friendly.

You can read about my favorite gluten-free snacks at Walt Disney World here.


The BEST value for your snack credits is definitely at the annual festivals in the Epcot Theme Park. The various food booths, especially during Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, will have an abundance of ways you can maximize your snack credits for delicious meals from all over the WORLD.

Food and Wind Fesitival, Epcot, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, World Showcase Pavilion, World Showcase Pavilion Food

BEST Value for your Snack Credits is definitely at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Thank you Pixie Dusted Diva for sharing most of these delicious photos!


More to love about Epcot…

At the World Showcase Pavilions, each country featured has its own shop with items, popular products and treats from their country. Some of these treats are a SNACK credit. You can enjoy a unique treat from another country or get it as a souvenir for friends and family back home. Also, many of the World Showcase Bakeries, Shops, and Quick Services features eats from each country, if you don’t want a full Quick Service Meal, many offer snacks to have from each Pavilion. I especially enjoyed the Kakigori (shaved ice from Japan) as a Snack Credit!


Walt Disney World knows how to hook us into happily spending more money as they have a gift/merchandise show after almost every popular attraction you exit! As you browse through some of the really popular attractions shops, you may also notice they have featured treats, specifically for that attraction. Some of these unique treats are Snack Credit which again, would make great souvenirs to bring back home.


Throughout this article, I have mentioned the places you can used your Snack Credits as souvenirs, there are almost endless possibilities to use your Snack Credits as souvenirs for back home. Before my trip, I like to write a list of people we are thinking of getting souvenirs for. When we are in Walt Disney World, the list of people are always in my mind and I then use our Snack Credits to get souvenirs for Family and Friends. Now I don’t only give them Snacks/treats, I probably get something else like soaps from Basin or a Keychain etc. and add everything to a Souvenir Gift Bag with all the gifts I get when I reach home. I usually get snacks like Rice Krispie Treats shaped as a Disney Character, or the giant Character Lollipops or trial mixes, there are so many snacks you can get. You can even get Pez Candy with Disney Characters and a favorite tip I love,  from Disney Springs – A Magical Guide Group on Facebook is to go to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Store. This is a great place to use your Snack Credits for souvenirs. If you happen to have a Quick Service Credits left, you can even redeem your Meal Credit for a more expensive gift. Disney Springs is also a haven to use your Snack Credits at so many stores, eateries, and bakeries.

Souvenirs, Snacks, Snack Credits, Disney Snacks, Minnie Mouse, Disney Dining Plan, Disney Dining, Disney Food, Disney Treats, Sweet Treats, Walt Disney World

SNACK CREDIT “Snacks” you can bring home as Souvenirs


Final Thoughts

The Disney Dining Plan is ultimately your meal plan and there are so many ways to use it effectively to get the most out of it. Many people complain that they have too many credits left over. You can redeem 3 Snack Credits for a Quick Service Meal Credit if you have any leftover. However, the main point is to not have any credits left.

For our family, we usually use up all the credits on our meal plan but we do plan in advance to use some SNACK credits for souvenirs. However, I try not to use Snack Credits as Souvenirs until near the end of our vacation, to make sure we have used most of our credits for our food and filling up our bellies during our vacation. If we don’t have any credits left over at the end of our trip, I usually just pay out of pocket for souvenirs.

What are your favorite Snack Credit SNACKS? Let us know in the comments below.

Peter Pan's Float, SNACK credit, Quick Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan, Dining Plan, Refreshement, Treat, Soda, Disney Drink, Free Dining Plan

My Fave SNACK CREDIT, Peter Pan’s Float available at Storybook Treats in the Magic Kingdom.

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