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Vacation from your Disney Vacation  By Pixie Hollow Diva

For some of you who do travel to Walt Disney World frequently, you know it can be overwhelming. There is A LOT going on and you do not want to miss out on anything. You always want to try and do everything that you possibly can while you are there. Since there is so much to do and see, a Disney vacation can be tiring.  I sometimes feel that I need a vacation once I get home from a Disney trip. Here are some ideas on turning your Disney vacation into a more relaxing one along with saving a few dollars.

For an easier, less hectic trip you can shorten your stay.  Check into a hotel of your choice for four or five nights. If you go to Walt Disney World often, try a new resort! (Diva Tip: choose a Value Resort for quick trips.) Shortening your stay will allow you to maybe choose to do the parks less frequently as well as explore outside the parks at the resorts and such. Last year we booked a quick last minute trip and chose All Star Movies for our short stay.

Disney Vacation on VacationWith a five night stay I recommend purchasing a two day park pass.  It is up to you if you would want to buy a park hopper pass along with your tickets. The hopper would allow you to go to two different parks in one day.  If you are someone who goes frequently, you may not need a hopper because you will have your favorite parks in mind or an idea of where you want to go each time.  I choose not to hop.  I feel like it makes me cram too much in too short of a time which I do not enjoy doing.  I want to enjoy and relax on a trip for once.  You can space out your park days during your stay and maybe do one early in your week and one at the end.  This leaves your mid week wide open for relaxing fun along with doing some FREE activities.



Vacation while on a Disney Vacation / Kid Cot Fun Stop / EPCOT

Photo courtesy Dopey Diva

If you choose to do EPCOT for example, you can maybe walk around and really enjoy the World Showcase.  I have two small children, so my husband and I are ALWAYS rushed when we reach the Showcase.  We never take advantage of all that the countries have to offer.  We never wind up going to eat where we want  because by that time someone (the kids) are cranky or hungry for something different. One way to take advantage of all the World Showcase has to offer, especially if you have children, is to walk around to the different countries and check out the Kidcot Fun Stops.

Each country pavilion has one of these art stops.  These little centers offer coloring and drawing for your little ones.  Duffy the Disney Bear is also the mascot for the art stops!  This is a cute and fun activity.  The kids have fun at each country and mom and dad can check out what they like.  Each stop is free of charge.


Vacation while on a Disney Vacation / Kidcot Fun Stations / EPCOT

Photo courtesy Pink Diva

The “Sing A Long Campfire” at Fort Wilderness is also great fun!  This is something that begins around 7 p.m. including Chip and Dale. This includes toasting marshmallows to make smores which you can purchase at the campsite or bring your own!  Once this is completed you can stay and watch a Disney movie under the stars!  If you are staying on Disney property at one of their hotels, they all have a movie night. This is something to take advantage of if you are staying at a Disney resort.


On one of your days you can head out to Disney Springs at your own pace.  DIVA TIP: You do not have to be on a time schedule to do this. Try making this part of your day by splitting it between hanging out at the pool.  I figured maybe do your pool in the late morning until after lunch. You can then change and relax at your hotel then stroll over to Disney Springs. They have something for everyone when it comes to shopping and eating.  Everyone will find something they like ranging from Blaze Pizza to Morimoto Asia.  When spending your days in the park you are on a pretty tight schedule due to dining reservations and fast passes. This is a nice way to get away from some of that and do your own thing. You can enjoy Disney in so many ways without being pressed for time.  Try it out and find new things to enjoy!

Need help with a Disney vacation?  Reach out to our Disney Diva Travel Agent Patricia for all your vacation questions and bookings (for FREE!) Happy Disney planning guys!

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