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By Dopey Diva

My most recent trip to Disney World consisted of myself and my husband….NO CHILDREN! Before we even left for our trip I wasn’t sure if we would do any character meet and greets since the kids weren’t with us. It always seems more magical when our youngest sons eyes light up when he gets to meet his favorite Disney characters. But of course, once we got to the parks I found myself still excited to meet characters. It really is one of my favorite things to do at Disney World.

We had arrived at the Magic Kingdom incredibly early so we could catch the morning show (great show by they way, if you have not yet seen it you should). Since we made it into the park early, and everyone ahead of us seemed to be racing to Fantasyland, we decided to take advantage of the 5 minute wait time to see Magician Mickey. In case you don’t know, he is located on the right when you enter the Magic Kingdom, at Town Square Theater. Now I had done a meet and greet with Mickey several times on previous trips to Disney World but I was excited to be able to meet the new talking Mickey Mouse. And I was NOT disappointed. Once it was our turn Mickey came over to us and started talking. I  felt like a little kid, the magic of Mickey talking to me and calling me Pal and asking me to come over and visit him was just amazing to me.


Once we got to the center of the room Mickey asked if we wanted to do a card trick. Of course I wanted to do a card trick with Magician Mickey! He had several cards in his hand and asked me to pick one. After I did he asked me to show everyone else in the room my card but not to let him see it. So I showed everyone else my card and then Mickey said he would guess my card. Queen of Hearts he guessed…and he was correct. He then asked my husband to pick a card and show the room his card. Then Mickey guessed his card..Queen of Hearts again!! Then Mickey hung his head as the cast member chastised him for using a trick deck of cards. It was so much fun!


Once the card trick was over Mickey had my husband and me come next to him so we could have our picture taken. I loved the meet and greet with talking Magician Mickey and I cannot wait to bring my children back to meet him. I know they will love it as much as my husband and I did.

Since we were there at park opening we didn’t have to wait very long to see Mickey but sometimes the wait can get long, especially on crowded days. There is a fast pass+ option for meeting Magician Mickey so if you can’t get to the park early or don’t want to risk the longer wait time I suggest using a fast pass for meeting him. Either way, it is definitely worth the wait!