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The Hall of Presidents

By Savvy Diva 

The Hall of Presidents is located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. It is rich in history and the attraction itself dates back to 1971. 

A major plus for the Hall of Presidents is that it is all indoors, in a dark and cool auditorium, with nice cushy theatre seating. Even the waiting area is a large, air-conditioned room, and it has several paintings and displays worth looking at. The first thing you will probably see when you enter the building is the Great Seal of the United States, which Disney had to have written permission from the Presidency to display. It’s really neat.

The first part of the show is a film about the story of the United States and how the Presidents have shaped our history with their words and actions. Then the curtains lift up to reveal all of the Presidents in life-like animatronics. They are all introduced in order, right up to President Obama, and several give speeches about the American Dream.
Granted, this is an awesome place to cat-nap, but don’t underestimate the soul-stirring power of our nation’s Presidential history. It’s worth visiting more than once!