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By British Diva.

The “Hoop Dee Doo Revue” is a rowdy, family friendly dinner show that’s sure to entertain everyone in your party from the littlest dude, right up to to the oldest cow-poke in town!

In short, it’s a Disney classic that should be experienced at least once.  Some folk make a pilgrimage to the show during their every WDW visit!

I have often wondered what the secret ingredient is at the evergreen “Hoop Dee Doo Revue”.

 And a thought occurred to me….
“What puts the Hoop in the ‘Dee Doo?’” and entices showgoers to return year in – year out…. generations of family coming back for seconds, thirds, and so on and so forth?

The answer may lie somewhere here in…….

The revue began it’s very long and illustrious run of shows back in 1974, (according to Disney, it is the longest continually running musical in the whole of the USA) and was originally billed as “The Pioneer Hall Show” so named after the hall in which it is held three times nightly within the Fort Wilderness Resort and Camp Ground. Today’s show title is far more memorable and quirky don’t you think?!

Hoop Dee Doo Revue postcard – circa 1979

In past Disney times a similar burlesque style show played in the “Diamond Horseshoe” at Frontierland  within the Magic Kingdom;  I remember it particularly  well as I was a participant dressed as a showgirl – I had to speak with a Southern drawl; not an easy task for a young English rose I can assure you!

This year saw the Golden Horseshoe Revue resurrected at Disneyland Resort as part of  2013’s Limited Time Magic.
The Hoop Dee Doo Revue revolves around a fictional travelling vaudeville troupe who are:
Miss Flora Long – a beautiful maiden 
Miss Claire De Lune – a delightful dancing girl
Miss Dolly Drew – a witty wholesome gal
Jim Handy – a dashing cowboy
Johhny Ringo – a swanky card shark & spiv
And then the chap who for me carries the whole show along with such gusto:
Six Bits Slocum – a loveable baffoon 
The action starts as the cast bursts in through the Pioneer Hall’s main door……immediately you are captivated by their enthusiasm and charisma which carries right through the performance with lots of sing-a-long songs and high kicking dance routines culminating in the deliciously ridiculous “Davey Crockett” grande finale involving several “volunteers” from the audience!
British Diva’s top tip is to be sure to mention to your server if there’s a celebration at your table as you might be enlisted as a volunteer.  My dear Dad was one such conscript;  this still causes amusement some 30 years on!!

My Dad treading the boards as a ‘willing volunteer’ in 1979.

Dinner is served during the performance……your jovial servers, upon request will keep replenishing your table with an endless supply of the lightest cornbread, the stickiest ribs and the crunchiest deep fried chicken you’ve ever eaten in all your life; all served in pioneer style tin pales and preserve jars –  I ask you; where else would it be socially acceptable for a lady to drink rose wine from a jam jar?!
Dessert comes in the form of a truly show stopping strawberry shortcake extravaganza.
An endless banquet is probably a good description for the chow down served up at Pioneer Hall.

Your ticket price provides entrance to the show; an all you care to eat dinner, plus a broad selection of drinks (both adult & child friendly) and is fully inclusive of all gratuities.

The Revue plays thrice nightly at 4pm, 6.15pm & 8.30pm.
Tickets come in 3 different seating categories with prices for adults (aged 10+) ranging from £37 ($55) to £45 ($68).
Most types of Dining Plan are accepted as payment and will cost 2 table service credits per person.
Show reservations can be made up to 180 days before your trip with the Disney Diva travel agent Patricia with All for Dreams Travel  or direct from Disney; where you can also check out seating plans, full dining plan inclusions and complete pricing details.

So I conclude…….

Over the decades this booming show hasn’t changed one bit and neither have I or my family. We attend in holiday (vacation)  mood wanting to be entertained and enjoy a fun filled evening with those we love; being regaled by characters we’ve become familiar with over the years, in a setting that is both cosy and affable.
I’ve watched and enjoyed the revue several times since my childhood initiation in ’79 and each time come away feeling both entertained & uplifted; not to mention full to the brim of good cheer & food glorious food!

The good old fashioned squeaky clean cut comedy that you’ll find is most definitely part of the winning formula that keeps the faithful coming back for more belly laughs and groans year after year.

So I believe that the answer is:  We the audience are the “Hoop” and make the perfect foil for the Pioneer Players  “Dee Doo’”  – time after time, again & again……

I bet if you asked Six Bits for his opinion he’d answer you with something like “If it an’t broke, don’t fix it!”  
And I pray that Disney never will!