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By: Disneylove Diva

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Here you will encounter what happened at the Hollywood Hotel one stormy night. So step foot into our service elevator and we will show you just what went down!

This ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers thrills, chills, and screams to all that encounter it. From the moment you pull into Hollywood Studio’s parking lot, you can see the Tower of Terror and hear the screams of the doomed riders. Once in the park and in line for this ride, the anticipation begins to build. This ride has a scream factor of about 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being scariest). The rating is because of the loud noises, sudden drops, and all the darkness this ride offers.

For the thrill seekers, however, this is the perfect ride for them. Even the queue offers mysterious music, if you can hear it over the screams of the other riders overhead. A computer randomizes every ride to make each one unique. The TOWER OF TERRORcomputer randomly chooses when the drops will take place. Each ride is different from the last. This is what makes the Tower of Terror unlike any other ride at Walt Disney World.

The repeated drops can be jarring to guests with sensitive backs or other medical concerns. Pregnant women or others with medical considerations are advised against riding this attraction. Guests using a wheelchair/ECV must leave it behind to board this attraction. Height requirement for this attraction is 40 inches. These requirements are strictly enforced for the rider’s safety. This is a very dark and scary ride for kids (and some adults!) Because of this, this ride is not recommended for young children. However, if a child insists on riding, let them; even though this ride can be scary, it is also extremely fun. As long as they meet the height requirements, they can ride. Because of the sudden drops, there are bathrooms located just outside of this attraction, for reasons that you can probably guess.

If you are in love with hunting Hidden Mickey’s, this ride has many of them that can easily be spotted. Others you have to really have to search for. Overall this attraction has about 5-8 Hidden Mickey’s. I will tell you where one is. When you sit down in the elevator and you come to the scene where the ghosts are, the little girl is holding a Mickey Mouse doll in her hands. Some are very hard to find because you are anticipating the ride, but some are once you get off the ride.

This ride will definitely wake you up if you visit Hollywood Studios first thing in the morning. This is probably one of the best-known staples of Hollywood Studios. This is absolutely a ride that you will want to partake in while visiting Hollywood Studios. Just remember the limitations and rules of the ride, and as always, remember to have fun and enjoy the ride. So come, make a reservation, and take a seat on these extravagant elevators and let the thrills begin. Disneylove Diva signing off!