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by Pin Trading Diva

CHOC Walk at Disneyland

Each year since 1990,  Disneyland has hosted an amazing charity walk through the park in honor of CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) called the CHOC Walk. Around 16,000 people from all *walks* of life come to the park to participate in the CHOC Walk In The Park each year. So you want to know what it’s all about huh? Well, what’s in it for YOU? Here are 5 totally worth it benefits of joining the CHOC Walk.

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  1. The Feeling You Get From Helping Children In Need

Since this is a charity event, each participant needs to raise a minimum of $80 to do the walk. But that money doesn’t just sit around getting dusty, it gets used to provide the utmost quality of care to children in the hospital.  CHOC’s goal is to provide the greatest level of care to the over 2 million children spanning 4 countries that count on CHOC even if the family cannot pay. That’s why they need your help! And just think of the sense of generosity you will have after you gather your donations, or even as you see  the over 850 teams walking in honor of children that YOU are helping. That feeling alone is worth going to the CHOC Walk In The Park.


Fun Fact: Walt Disney was an advocate of CHOC and helped found it in 1964. Disney’s leadership for CHOC not only helped him serve on the Board of Directors, but also brought in donations, and even helped Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure host the annual walk. Thanks Walt!

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  1. Earning Prizes

By registering and donating to the CHOC foundation, you not only get to participate in the walk, but you get cool prizes too! For one, you recieve an official CHOC Walk In the Park commemorative t-shirt after donating. Remember, the more money you donate, the more prizes you get! Other prizes include lanyards, medallions, special pins (yay for Pin Trading Diva!) and even Disneyland and California Adventure tickets. Plus, after the walk, CHOC sets out booths filled with FREE stuff like Sprouts bags filled with nutritious snacks and Disney Channel fitness equipment just for you to enjoy. Now if these prizes don’t motivate you to join the CHOC Walk, I don’t know what will!


  1. Discounted Tickets to the Disney Parks

So you’ve got so many prizes to earn by registering, but don’t forget that you can also get your very own discounted tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure just for walking! All you have to do is turn in your wristband at the ticket kiosk  after your walk and pick one of the many discounts available to you.   Take advantage of this offer the day of the walk because these tickets are only for purchase that day so use them while you can!


  1. The Fun of the Walk

After all the prizes and special offers you are given for participating, one of the greatest perks to joining the CHOC Walk In The Park is the walk itself. The walk starts at 6:30 in the morning, before the park opens to the public, so you get to experience Disneyland and California Adventure with less crowds and more fun! Fireworks, sometimes Disney Channel stars (that stay in Downtown Disney for autographs after the walk), and a special DJ plays music kicking off the walk. Parade floats and characters are strategically placed on the path making great one of a kind photo ops, and you even get to see behind the scenes magic. Yes, that’s right behind the scenes!

The walk starts at Disneyland, goes through the park, then leads you through hidden pathways only cast members get to see on a daily basis. Then you cross over to California Adventure where the same thing happens, and then you end the walk in Downtown Disney, where you can get your triumphant picture behind a “I DID THE CHOC WALK”  poster board. And the whole way you are being cheered on by local bands, cheerleaders, and even cast members who smile and high five you along your walk. This along with everything else makes the Disneyland CHOC Walk  In The Park a special experience you won’t forget!

DIVA TIP: Make sure to take your time during the walk, it’s not a race! The characters and photo ops are designed so that you enjoy your experience instead of rushing through everything. Besides, who doesn’t want to stay in a Disney Park a little longer anyway?

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  1. Living and Reliving a 1 of a Kind Disney Experience

The CHOC Walk is the only charity walk done in the Disney parks, and therefore makes it and its walkers (YOU) special. The walk and all of its benefits will make lasting Disney memories for years to come, where you can cross off bucket list items (like experiencing sunrise at Disneyland), and in mine and my Mom’s  case, create one of a kind traditions that will be cherished for a lifetime. Looking at these benefits one by one can convince anyone to join the CHOC Walk In The Park, but looking at them as a whole brings out a walker’s Disney Spirit for all to see.


So there you have it. 5 Benefits of Participating in the CHOC Walk. For more information on where to register and what’s happening at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County visit here. Whether you join for one reason, or for all 5 is up to you, but either way you are guaranteed to have a great time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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Good Wishes and Good Luck!