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by Marvel Diva

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If you’re planning on dressing up in costume for Halloween (or for next year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary) the time to start planning is now! I should preface this – Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday; it doesn’t even crack the top 5. But I love dressing up in costume! Last fall I dressed up as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy for the Cincinnati Comic ExpoGamora Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay costume and I had so much fun! However, it took a lot of planning and preparation – and I didn’t know where or how to start. Use my brainstorming tips to get going on making a fun costume!

1. What movies or tv shows or characters do you like? Make a list!

I find that when I get excited about a new project, my brain jumps around a lot and I can’t keep track of what I’ve already thought of! Write down everything. Even if it sounds a little ridiculous to pull off – maybe you’ll come back to it in the future!

cosplay ideas list

My current brainstorm list


2. Consider what’s already in your closet

Once I created my list I sat back and thought about what those characters are wearing and what I already owned. For example, with Gamora I already had black pants, the white undershirt, and some of her jewelry. I also needed a new pair of winter boots and intentionally bought a pair in a style that could double as my Gamora boots. 

3. What in these costumes can you make on your own? What can you thrift?

Don’t immediately jump to buying the rest new! Look online when you thrift too! Websites like ThredUP and Goodwill have a lot of selection online you can dig through. Buying gently used items secondhand and altering them to suit your needs is a lot cheaper than buying something new. Plus there are tons of great videos on YouTube that can help you learn to sew!

As helpful as YouTube videos can be, it’s still important to consider your skillset and think about what you have time to learn to do. For example, it’s outside of my skillset right now to try and build or buy a mock-up Iron Man suit. But I was able to modify and adapt a belt for Gamora in a couple of hours. I also made Gamora’s wrist bracers! In another instance, I had an easy time thrifting a black leather jacket to dress up as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel when she first gets to Earth. Carol Danvers Captain Marvel cosplay costume

4. Rate or order your ideas based on the intensity

Based on your notes so far, what are you comfortable trying to assemble? What costumes might have too many little pieces? What’s your timeline – when do you need to have the costume completed by? This last step can help you narrow down your ideas and help you make your final decision.

5. [BONUS] If you’re traveling with this costume, consider how you’re getting from Point A to Point B with everything.

If you’re flying to a park for Mickey’s Not So Scary, you may not have as much room for your costume as you might if it were a road trip. Think about what you have space for in your carry-on, what might get wrinkled (and would require care upon arrival), and what’s easy to put on once you’re at your destination.


All smiles at the expo!

 No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to have fun!! Pick a costume you’ll enjoy assembling AND wearing. Don’t forget to take lots of photos once you’re finished!