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Author: Diva Meesh

So are you into Thrill Rides when you visit Disney? Well so am I!

So its time to highlight the top 5 Thrill Rides of Disneyland…
It will be short and sweet, be on the look out for more in depth reviews of most of these rides {hint we will come back to this article and link them up too!}

1.) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror {my personal favorite, Hollywood Pictures Backlot Attractions}

If you have enjoyed The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney World then this will not disappoint you!! For fans of the WDW version there is a minor difference that might be a big surprise to you. I don’t want to give away the spoiler so you’ll just have to go to Disneyland and find out for yourself! 

2.) California Screamin’ {Paradise Pier Attractions}

California Screamin’ is for anyone who loves a fast, surprising roller coaster ride! For those of you that ever wanted to feel like you were being catapulted off an aircraft carrier…this ride is for you! Another ride that will not disappoint. 

3.) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad {Frontierland Attractions}

We made a point of trying out this ride at Disneyland having been on the one in Disney World. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is comparable to it’s counterpart in WDW and definitely worth your wait!

4.) Grizzly River Run {Golden State Attraction}

Make the choice wisely of when to ride this ride as you will get wet! We purchased the rain ponchos from the store right before you enter the ride and it was worth it! (But the Disney Diva suggests you ALWAYS buy ponchos ahead of time and bring them with you in your Perfectly Packed Backpack Very fun ride that is similar to Kali River Rapids in WDW.

5.) Matterhorn Bobsleds {Fantasyland Attractions}

This was a fun, fun ride!! We waited in a line that twisted around the entire ride just to try it out. So worth it!! One of the oldest Disneyland attractions this ride still packs a lot of fun! And yes there is a basketball court at the top of it! 🙂
Enjoy your Thrill Seeking Adventure!