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Writer Wednesday - Character Diva

Hello Everyone! My name is Character Diva, and I have been going to Disneyland since I was a baby! Besides being an avid Disney fan, I love hanging out with my husband and my four kiddos and keeping up with all of their activities and indoctrinating… I mean, helping them embrace their Disney side too.

The best tips for going to Disneyland

Because Disneyland is my home away from home, I get asked all the time by friends and family what they need to know before going to Disneyland, and over the years, I have compiled my general list of tips on Everything You Need to Know For Your First Trip to Disneyland.

And because I have spent the last decade traveling with littles, I love to focus my tips around making things magical for your little ones as well as what to do if you’re pregnant at Disneyland.

The characters are my favorite part about Disney theme parks, but I know meeting characters can be intense for your little ones at times, so here are my favorite tips for getting your child used to meeting characters!

Best tips for meeting Disney characters!

I’m all about saving money so your budget doesn’t have a heart attack (and so you can start planning for your next Disney vacation), I try to focus ways to help save money as well as make sure that you remember to bring everything you need!

For those of you who don’t live near southern California, there are so many great places to play tourist! While Disneyland is always my favorite travel destination, I do try and highlight some of the other fun places you can go, like Legoland!

Legoland vs. Disneyland

Not planning a trip to the parks any time soon? Not to worry! Whether it is a family movie night or helping your kiddos practice their writing skills, I have plenty of tips on how to make your parties magical or receive an autographed postcard from a Disney character!

How to have the best Toy Story party ever!

Ready to book your trip? My last piece of advice is to take advantage of FREE planning advice from Patricia Payne from All For Dreams Travel. As a travel agent, she can help you book hotels, airfare, tickets, Fastpasses, dining reservations, and more, and because she’s paid by Disney, all of her services are FREE to you! Click here for a quote.