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by Tiggerific Diva


Writer Wednesday - Tiggerific DivaI will never forget the first time I walked down Main Street and saw that beautiful, giant Castle shining in the sun. It was breathtaking. In an instant I fell in love with everything about Disneyland. It wasn’t just the rides and atmosphere that amazed me, it was also Disney’s dedication to accommodate individuals with food allergies/medical conditions. I have Celiac Disease and up to that point my experience with safe food options at amusement parks had been less than stellar. When I heard Disneyland had Gluten Free options and I expected the usual – drinks, fruit and maybe a salad or two.

We headed to City Hall to get the list of food options that were “me” friendly and I was astonished. The list was pages long with just about every food I could possibly want. Wait staff at restaurants were knowledgeable and in most cases a Chef would come out to speak with me personally to go over my options. It was amazing, I cannot remember ever eating as much as I did on that first trip. Being confident in what I could eat made my experience even more memorable. For once, I didn’t have to worry about getting sick and could just soak in every marvelous thing about Disneyland.

Writer Wednesday - Tiggerific DivaAs a Disneyland newbie I wanted to see and do everything. I left no ride unridden, snack untasted or shop unexplored. The amount of detail Disney puts into the different lands and rides is truly magical from the Halloween jack-o-lanterns on Main Street to the signs in the junkyard at Maters’ Junkyard Jamboree. Long ride lines never bothered me because I had time to soak it all in. I teared up at parades and fireworks (I blame the pixie dust), sang along to the songs on the rides, checked out every location for Pin Trading and practically skipped my way around the park. I loved all of it.  By the end of our trip, I was hooked. It was official I had become one of them; the Disney Fanatic.

Our family has been back to the park every year since. We celebrated our first pregnancy at the park. Both of our daughters had their first pictures with Santa at Disneyland. We’ve trick-or-treated our way through the park and partied with the Villains at Halloween. Last year we had the once in a lifetime experience of getting to open California Adventure and lead the countdown from inside the park. I have so many wonderful memories thanks to Disneyland.

Writer Wednesday - Tiggerific DivaWe’re raising little Disney Fanatics. They know the parks inside and out, singing and dancing everywhere we go. Happily tracking down their favorite characters and the closest popcorn cart. Disneyland Popcorn is a perfectly acceptable thing to eat for breakfast. Every.Single.Day.

They’re now old enough to be on the hunt for Hidden Mickey’s so we have a new way to pass the time while waiting in line. We start planning our next trip the second we get home. My husband has been known to start discussing plans for the next trip even before we leave the park. I’ve become that person who loves to offer help, tips and tricks to friends and family who are going to Disneyland. At the end of a Disneyland discussion I usually laugh and say “that was probably way more Disney info than you wanted”. I can’t help myself. I want everyone to love Disney the way I do.

I am fairly new to the Tips from the Disney Diva and Devos family. It has been a great experience. Sharing my knowledge of Disney with others and being part of a group who are fellow fanatics is amazing. My article on Gluten Free Dining at Disneyland is very near and dear to my heart as three out of the four of us in our family have Celiac Disease. I completely understand how scary a trip can be when you are not sure what food is safe. In our family meeting Characters is always a priority. If your family loves Characters too check out my article on Maximizing your Character experience at Disneyland.

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