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By Wishes Diva

Hello! I am Wishes Diva. I live in Dayton, OH with my husband, 2 kids and our dog! I went to Disney several times when I was younger but my interest in all things Disney really started in college. My friends and I would have Disney Movie Nights frequently which was the fuel to my Disney fire! I have been to Walt Disney World 11 times in my life. My favorite park is Animal Kingdom (with Magic Kingdom being a close second.) My favorite Disney movie is Lion King and my favorite Walt Disney World attraction is Soarin’. As a Diva I love getting to share my tips and tricks with our readers, as well as making helpful information easy to access.

Fast Passes with Toddlers

Wishes Diva’s family on Dumbo the Flying Elephant

My favorite tip to share with anyone who is willing to listen to my over-eager ramblings is be at the park at rope drop, take an afternoon break, and close the park! This tip has allowed my family, friends and I to get the most out of our Disney vacations and helped us keep our sanity throughout the week. Everyone can use an afternoon nap while at Disney, even my husband who never naps!

Writer Wednesday - Wishes Diva

Some of my favorite articles to write have been my A-Z Guides for EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. These articles were a challenge to write and I also felt like I learned even more about these parks when I wrote them!  My other favorites are my Five First Timer Tips for EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. I really enjoy giving advice to people who have not visited before so these articles were fun to write! I also really enjoyed writing about taking a trip to Disney while pregnant. You can read that article here!

Writer Wednesday - Wishes Diva