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GIVEAWAY TIME: Unofficial Guide Book

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

by Pixie Dusted Diva Who is ready for our THIRD giveaway?!? Tips from the Disney Diva has partnered with The Unofficial Guide to offer a series of reviews and giveaways to our readers. Do you think planning a vacation is stressful and overwhelming? We are here to help!  The Unofficial Guide authors have done all the work for you and quite literally put it at your fingertips to help plan the perfect vacation for you and your family. The Unofficial Guides will give you your choice of one of the below books to plan your perfect vacation. In addition to Character Diva’s latest review on the The Unofficial Guide to...

Unofficial Guide to Disneyland Review

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

by Character Diva As a native Californian who was blessed to have an uncle who worked as a Disneyland cast member for over 35 years, you could say Disneyland was my home away from home. Almost every family vacation we took involved a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. So naturally, I was intrigued with what kinds of facts I could learn from The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2016. Demographically, Tips from the Disney Divas & Devos mainly caters to the Disney World crowd. So chances are, if you’re reading this, a trip to Disneyland may still be on your Bucket List. If this is your first trip...

Where to find Characters in Animal Kingdom

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015

By Pink Diva It’s exciting to get to see all of the animals at Animal Kingdom.  Riding the Kilimanjaro Safari and enjoying the Affection Section at Rafiki’s Planet Watch are great places to enjoy the animals.  But what about the animal characters?  Where can you find them and get your picture taken? Let’s start with the Mouse himself-Mickey.  You can find Mickey and Minnie in their safari attire at the Adventure Outpost.  The Adventure Outpost is to the right of the Tree of Life (when looking from the entrance) and past It’s Tough To Be A Bug.  They are generally there from 9:30am-6:30pm We were there with a group...

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party review

Posted by on Nov 28, 2015

by JollyFrogger Diva My 2 favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I love the extended celebration, the decorations, and the feeling in the air surrounding these holidays. On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we were lucky enough to time things where we could attend both Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (read my review here) and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on the same trip. We had been to a Christmas party during a previous visit in 2008, but were excited to attend this one as it was the first year celebrating Christmas with our daughter. Previous experience had taught us that arriving at Magic Kingdom as...

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa’s Holiday Gingerbread House: Magical Sweetness

Posted by on Nov 27, 2015

by Disney Magic Diva Have you ever built a gingerbread house with your kids?  I’ve done it many times, with my kids and now with my grandkids. And I was always pretty proud of our creations, because we didn’t just buy a kit or put graham crackers on milk cartons.  We made the gingerbread from scratch and used (mostly) all edible decorations.  But Disney, of course, takes gingerbread houses to an entirely different level! If you really want to get in the holiday spirit, visit Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to see a life-size gingerbread house! From the moment you walk in the lobby, you know it’s there.  Even...

Croque Glace: The Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted by on Nov 26, 2015

by Eugene’s Diva What is the Croque Glace? Well it translates to grilled ice cream. Sounds strange, right? No! In Epcot, in the France Pavillion, you can try the most delicious dessert ever. (Ok, maybe not ever, but it’s one of my favorites!)  But really, “What is it?” you may ask. Breaking it down, the croque glace is a sweet, brioche bun that is filled with ice cream and toasted. This is the perfect match because the bun is sweet, but of course is still a roll. You get a little bit of the buttery flavor that is mixed with sweetness. If you’ve never tried a brioche roll, you need to...

Prepping your kids for Disney!

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015

by Beauty and the Beast Diva Prepping your kids for a Disney trip! There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of a trip to Walt Disney World, and this is coming from someone whom has been there countless times.  Thanks to this website and Pinterest I have found a ton of ways to prep for my upcoming trips.  Here are some super fun ways to prep, other than the good old paper chain! The countdown:  I will not knock the paper chain, mainly because sometimes I still do it, but try to make it exciting by writing things on the inside of the link, like “I’m most excited to ride….”  “I’m...

Every Princess in One Day at WDW

Posted by on Nov 24, 2015

By: Minnie Diva A lot of people ask me, “What’s your favorite thing about going to Disney World?” This is a very loaded question, because I love it all. That being said, I would say my favorite thing to do is meet characters. I love Space Mountain, and I love the shows, but they don’t change. Each time I meet a character, however, the interaction is different, and always magical. By far my favorite meet and greets are ones with the princesses. They’re all so sweet and love to fill me in on castle gossip. So last summer, my mom and I dedicated a day to meeting every single...

Remembering Big Thunder Ranch BBQ at Disneyland

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015

by Pin Trading Diva Star Wars Land is coming and that means we have to lose some special parts of our park.  But with the help of the Force, we can give a well deserving good bye to one of these hidden gems: Big Thunder Ranch  and it’s BBQ ( I guess it will be BB-8 themed soon!) Hidden in the back of Frontierland, behind Big Thunder Mountain hides a wonderful little southern belle:  a petting zoo filled with furry little horses, lambs, and goats like this rambunctious feller right here. Most people don’t even know this is back here – but once you find it it’s a wonderful...

How to Bring Your Disney Vacation Home, Family Style

Posted by on Nov 22, 2015

by Military Diva If you’re a Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos reader you have probably already fallen victim to the infamous Disney Addiction!  Don’t worry, if you’re new to the Disney Parks and are here to begin planning your first trip, your addiction is only one Magical Vacation away!  Let’s face it.  Disney parks are full of energy elevating sweets and activities.  The music can be enchanting, the bright colors shine through even the cloudiest of days, and a host of amazing Cast Members try their best to meet your every need.  Add the nostalgic mix of generation old memories and newly formed experiences and families are hooked. We often spend months scrimping,...

It’s A Small World Holiday After All: Christmastime at Disneyland

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015

by Pin Trading Diva It may be a small world, but Disneyland goes BIG for its holiday takeover of this classic attraction.  From dazzling lights on the facade to a giant revolving snowman on the inside, It’s A Small World combines the traditional appeal of Walt’s famous attraction with all the joy and merriment of the world’s holiday  season for guests to enjoy. There is so much detail in this makeover that you may need to ride it a few times to fully embrace it -although you may get a few  carols stuck in your head along the way! I recommend visiting It’s A Small World Holiday at night. While...

Season of the Force Takes Over Tomorrowland at Disneyland

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015

by Pin Trading Diva Tis the season of Star Wars here at Disneyland as the much awaited Season of the Force debuts in Tomorrowland. Crowds are growing bigger everyday with the Galactic additions to this new area. Here’s a few highlights of the goings on for your enjoyment.               Where does the Force compel you – the Light Side or the Dark Side? Well, during the Season of the Force you must choose your path when entering Tomorrowland. Both the Rebels and the Empire reside here now though – so you can get a taste of both!            ...

‘Ohana Dinner Review at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015

by Daisy Diva ‘Ohana might mean family, but for my one and only (so far) visit to ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, it meant just me and my husband celebrating our anniversary a few months early with no kids.  (Shh!  Don’t tell my kids we went to Disney World without them!)  I had been wanting to give ‘Ohana a try, and I figured the words “large skewers of meat” would be all my husband needed to hear!  I was right, but I’ll start with the restaurant itself. ‘Ohana is a table service, family style restaurant located upstairs in Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  Tables surround a huge open pit fire grill...

One Man’s Dream: A Tribute To Walt Disney

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015

by Soarin’ Diva My family and I visited Walt Disney World Resorts mid September of 2015. This was right in the midst of swirling rumors that One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be closing. There were so many attractions rumored to be closing in Hollywood Studios at this time due to the new Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land coming in the future. We had previously visited One Man’s Dream, but honestly, it had been a few years.  The rumor was that One Man’s Dream would be closing at the end of September, so we had to make it a priority to visit on this trip....

Peter Pan’s Flight, Your New Must Do at Magic Kingdom Park!

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015

  by Neverland Diva One of my all-time favorite stories is Peter Pan which makes my favorite Walt Disney World attraction Peter Pan’s Flight!  There have been many variations of James Barrie’s original story with my top two being Walt Disney’s animated feature and Steven Speilberg’s Hook!  Fairies, pirates, faith, trust and pixie dust are all amazing themes to inspire little ones and to remind us all to never grow up! Located in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most popular attractions and tends to form a long line, quickly!  We typically opt to use Fastpass+ so that we can avoid the often...