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by Pin Trading Diva

048It may be a small world, but Disneyland goes BIG for its holiday takeover of this classic attraction.  From dazzling lights on the facade to a giant revolving snowman on the inside, It’s A Small World combines the traditional appeal of Walt’s famous attraction with all the joy and merriment of the world’s holiday  season for guests to enjoy. There is so much detail in this makeover that you may need to ride it a few times to fully embrace it -although you may get a few  carols stuck in your head along the way! I recommend visiting It’s A Small World Holiday at night. While you can enjoy all the wonder of the inside areas of the ride anytime of day – the lights and holiday show on the outside of the attraction are definitely worth watching!


052The facade, usually white and gold, turns bright and colorful with red and green lights adorning every inch! Christmas music plays while you wait in line and every fifteen minutes a projected show appears across the building taking you on a wonderland of adventures! Just like the projections from the new Forever Fireworks Show, the entire outside of It’s A Small World Holiday comes alive for a Christmas spectacular. You see gingerbread houses, elves working on toys, and a bird’s eye view of a winter wonderland fit for Santa himself! The show lasts for about 5 minutes but you can catch it again and again to take in all the smaller details – plus it is quite entertaining while standing in line.


You soon board your boat and sail into some holiday spirit as you enter the inside portion of the attraction.  Immediately you notice Christmas come alive as you make your way through the North Pole where Santa is busy checking his Naughty and Nice list. Listen closely, for you might just hear him say YOUR name!









The cold winter air blows you into London where carolers sing around a grand Christmas tree adorned with candles and across the way in France they prepare for the coming of the new year. Alice and Cinderella have some personal touches to their outfits in celebration. Further along, Pinocchio welcomes you to Italy where children move their gondolas through garland enhanced archways.





















China brings in the new year with sparkling fireworks and an ice dragon and before you know it you’ve traveled to Mexico for a Feliz Navidad with ringing bells, poinsettias, and Christmas tree piñatas galore.














We sail on into the south where farmers have made wreaths of corn and cactus Christmas trees. The Native Americans have even brought out their dream catchers for the season.


















Finally, we have a Ho Ho Holiday with children from all over the globe. The final room of the attraction glows white, silver, and gold as holiday jingles mash together with the It’s A Small World song we all know and love (or hate). The sky is bright with a HUGE revolving Snowman greeting us and ornaments filled with lights dangle from the ceiling. And as you glide out of the building, you leave with a holiday wish for peace on Earth and a warm feeling in your heart.






















You make your way back to the lights and carols outside – knowing you have spent your holidays with the children of the world. Now don’t tell me that isn’t worth it!









This entire Holiday experience can only be obtained at Disneyland – so visit for the season, I know you will find joy in it – no matter the holiday you celebrate. Be sure to book your Disney vacation with our FREE Diva Travel Agent Patricia at All for Dreams Travel to make the most of this season!

Happy holidays!

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