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Author: Disney Diva

Note from the Disney Diva: We are committed to sharing REAL opinions and REAL experiences of our Disney Vacations with you, the reader. In doing so, we wish to help you better decide where to spend your valuable time and money while on your Disney vacations. Because we are not directly associated with the Walt Disney Company, we can voice our opinions, both good and bad. I hope you, as readers, are coming here for those honest opinions and are happy to have a non-biased approach to base your decisions on.

Most of the Walt Disney World Character Meals are full of sugar and spice and everything nice, but if you’re looking for a little bad balanced with your good then you might want to look into having dinner at 1900 Park Fare.

That’s right, not only will you get to eat with Cinderella and Prince Charming, but also her evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine and Cindy’s two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella.

We booked this meal with a rather large party of 8. All females ranging from the ages of 5 to 60. After checking in at the host station, we waited until our reservation was ready. You can go and have your picture made as a group, but its not built into the cost of the meal. We skipped it all together.

After we were seated our waitress came and took our drink order. Some of the ladies opted for drinks. They were all beautiful and, according to them, delicious. I’ve had a glow-tini and it was, indeed, fantastic.

After we finished our drink order we were told to go to the buffet. I don’t really remember much about the food. It was a large buffet and I don’t remember it being either good or bad, except for the desserts which were fabulous. IMG_3105Our reservation was rather late, which could have some bearing on how much I remember and how the experience went over all, you’ll see why later. The chilled Strawberry Soup is, as always divine. They did have IMG_3076Prime Rib, salmon and Chicken marsala which were all good. The kids buffet had some delicious macaroni and cheese as well.

Because there are so many characters to see (5 in total) and no character handlers, it seems to be up to the characters how much time they spend at your table.

The first character to come through for us was Prince Charming. He was very nice and, quite charming. He posed for pictures with everybody, from the youngest to the oldest and I didn’t feel rushed with him at all.
Next came Cinderella. I did feel a little rushed with her, but like I told you which was later. However, this is NOT a cheap meal, so it doesn’t excuse it in my mind. They shouldn’t be taking reservations if they don’t plan on giving you the full experience because it costs as much to eat at 5pm as it does to eat at 9pm.
Lady Tremaine was great. She was aloof and enduring at the same time. My friend Les is a highly acclaimed softball coach and many of her girls think she is evil, so it was particularly fun to take their picture together.
When we went to this same meal about 3 years ago, I remember thinking that Anastasia, and Drizella were simply the BEST. They were annoying without ever seeming mean and would yell and scream at each other from across the room and the mother would get so mad and yell at them. It was great fun, but they were NOT nasty to us. This was not the case this time.

I honestly thought that Anastasia was a real jerk. I don’t know if she was tired or she was just WAAAAY to into the character, but I was so excited to see her and then I asked about Drizella and, boom, she left the table. My daughter, 5, looked at me and said, “she didn’t sign my book” and I yelled, “sorry, sorry, come back and sign” and she DIDN’T. At this point it “flew all over” two of my friends and they were mad. I honestly thought that she would be coming back after she went to one table, but she was gone and as far as I can tell she had no intention of coming back.
Next came Drizella. She was much better, but I was still fired-up about Anastasia. I told her that her sister stormed off and that she didn’t sign my daughters book. I then asked if she could please mention it to her and she said she would.
About 5 minutes later LADY TREMAINE came over to my table and said, “Now what have you said to Anastasia that has her so flustered?” I honestly was flustered, and I am very good natured and almost always play along. The women at my table were so mad about the whole thing that while I had gone to get some desserts with my daughter they, sweetly, signed the autograph book as if they were Anastasia.

On my way back from getting dessert I said to Anastasia, my daughter did not get your autograph and she wants it so please come back to my table and sign it. I think she realized I meant business, and quite honestly I DID. IMG_3100

When I returned to the table my friends said that while I was gone Anastasia had come back and signed the form. (seriously, how sweet was it that they did this?)

But then moments later, Anastasia walked up to finally sign. When she saw that someone else had signed her name she made a big deal about it being an impostor signing for her! I was thinking, my gosh lady… don’t be an idiot, play it off and walk away, but that did not happen.

There is a time during the meal that Cinderella and Prince Charming will have a waltz and invite you to dance along with the people you love.

Finally my friend just told her to leave. That might have been the best part of the night.
This is not always the case, but it WAS the case for me on that particular night and I’m going to give you an honest review. The meal cost $35.99 for adults and $17.99 per child, making it one of the more expensive character meals (Chef Mickey’s for Dinner and Cinderella’s Royal Table are the most expensive of the Character Meals).

So what’s my recommendation? I personally would take a pass on this meal. You can catch Cinderella at Akershus or at Cinderella’s Royal Table. And if you really wanted to see Anastasia and Drizella and sometimes Lady Tremaine you can catch them in the Magic Kingdom often. So the only one you’re really missing is Prince Charming, if you don’t eat this meal. It was ok, but the food was not amazing and the character interactions, this time, were sub-par. That’s just my experience, but I feel like its important to pass along honest opinions to readers.