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by Soarin’ Diva

How many of us, when we are out and about, see something that reminds us instantly of being at Walt Disney World? Maybe it’s a sound or music you hear that takes you back to that magical place. How about a certain smell, do you have one that, once you get a whiff, you are immediately reminded of Disney?

I am a member of a Disney fan group on Facebook, and recently, the admins of that page created their own company, 3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Company.  They, with their very own creative hands, make soy wax melts, candles and even room sprays that are Walt Disney World inspired.  I think you know what I’m saying… Walt Disney World themed scents… things at The World that have their very own, distinctive scents.  Somehow, they have managed to capture some very unique scents and put them into soy wax melts, candles and sprays, so that we may enjoy them in our very own homes.

When I first learned about the company, they were only making the soy wax melts.  One of the owners/creators contacted me, knowing that I am a writer for, and knowing that we have done several giveaways in the past.  She told me she would be happy to offer up some wax melts for a giveaway if we were interested.  Interested?  In Disney scents?  Well, why don’t you just twist my arm?  I’ll take one for the team and volunteer to test it out for a review.  I volunteer for tribute!

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I confess, I’ve never actually used a wax melt before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  When the package arrived, I cut open the padded envelope, noting how protected the wax melts were when shipped.  Suddenly, the most intoxicating and delicious scent wafted up to my nose, prompting me to inhale even deeper as I slid into ecstasy.  What smell could possibly make me melt into a puddle, right there in my living room you ask?  None other than Pineapple Whip, designed after that famous and delicious Dole Whip.  I hadn’t even MELTED the wax yet, but I was immediately sold!

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One square from the Pineapple Whip soy wax melts can last several hours.

Holy Smokes!  I had to get this thing melting…but…but…I realized I had nothing to melt it in.  I was totally unprepared.  I believe I did mention that I had never used a wax melt before, right?  Off to the store I went.  After purchasing a proper wax melting device, I excitedly plugged that baby in and popped a Pineapple Whip melt in.  It didn’t take long for the fruity, delicious smell to permeate my house.  It truly does smell like a Dole Whip.  Ahhhhh…my husband and I sat back and just inhaled for the rest of the day.  Okay, maybe not the rest of the day, we did have other things to do, but we COULD have sat there inhaling for the rest of the day.

1O9A5233 (800x647)

A sample of the scent, Grand Lobbies, inspired by the Grand Floridian

I let the warmer run for about 6 hours that day, and the scent held strong.  I was really impressed by how many hours you could get out of one little wax square.  When checking their Etsy site, they have 24 different soy wax melt scents, as well as constantly working on new scents and creations.  I won’t list them all here, but I will mention a few, such as the Mickey Waffle, the Mickey Bar and the Polynesian.  I also mentioned earlier that they have recently forayed into candle making and room/car sprays.

I haven’t tried the candles yet, but when I heard they had completed creating the sprays, I jumped into action and ordered TWO.  I ordered ‘Ohana and Soarin’ (of course I ordered Soarin’, my moniker is Soarin’ Diva, after all.)  They arrived quickly in the mail, and I couldn’t wait to spray and smell.  Very impressive!  I was curious about how they would manage the Soarin’ scent, as it advertised both the orange blossom as well as the pine tree scent, all in one bottle.  That couldn’t be right, you can’t mix those.  Yet, when I sprayed, I really could smell both of those scents together, and the best part was, it worked.  The completely different scents that shouldn’t be mixed in one bottle, yet were, really did smell wonderful together.

Next, I tried ‘Ohana.  I was curious about this as well.  When I think ‘Ohana, I think food.  Lots and lots of food.  This scent is advertised as a mixture of papaya, mango, oranges and banana.  Oh.  My.  Word.  It smells AWESOME!  I am a complete and total fan of 3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Company.  I’m pretty sure I will be ordering from them again, and again, and again.  I probably need to test out every scent, just in the name of “research”, to make sure they got them all right, right?  I also want to mention that with my last order of the sprays, they included a sample of the soy wax melt scent Wonderland.  I put it in for only a couple of hours last night, yet when I awoke this morning, I could still smell the delightful and sweet scent throughout my house.  What a delight to wake up to.

If you would like to test out some of their scents for yourself, you know…in the name of “research,” you can find them at etsy, or at their website if you want to check it out for yourself.  They have really good prices, and as I mentioned, they arrived quickly and were packaged very well.  They also have some good combination deals, if you’re interested.  If you haven’t noticed by reading my review, I truly do highly recommend them.  There’s no better way to keep the Disney vacation magic alive during the long months when you aren’t at Disney, than to plug in, light up or spray your favorite Disney inspired scent.

And here’s the best part- 3 Cheeky Chicks have agreed to do a giveaway for us and you too have a chance to win one of these awesome Disney-inspired soy wax melts! Just scroll down to the Rafflecopter entry form below!   Want more than one? Didn’t win? Or you just don’t want to wait to try it out? 3 Cheeky Chicks have also generously given our readers a 10% discount code! Just use the code: DISNEYDIVA Good luck!

****Disclaimer:  3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Company did very generously provide a sample of the Pineapple Whip soy wax melt for me to review, as well as providing another sample of the winner’s choice for a giveaway.   Though the sample was complimentary, 100% of  all thoughts and views I have expressed in my review are my own, and influenced by no one else.

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