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By: Main Street Diva 

Everyone has those favorite rides that you must do every time you visit Walt Disney World in Florida. Here are 6 rides not to miss!

IMG_15651) The Great Movie Ride– Let’s go to the movies! If you are anything like me you love watching movies. Whether it be classics or comedy’s, romance or horror, movies pull us into a world other than our own. The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios puts you right in the middle of timeless classics that we all know and love. You become the star of either a Western or an old time Gangster film during a live action confrontation between the good guys and bad guys. Don’t worry the bullets they shoot aren’t real, but the fire and explosions certainly feel hot. Note: TCM and Disney are planning to update The Great Movie Ride. This renovation is said to be complete by Spring 2015.

2) Finding Nemo- I know you love this ride, but do you know whose favorite ride this is? Mine, mine, mine! Visit Nemo and the gang in the Sea Pavilion in Epcot! Climb aboard a clam mobile and take a trip into the ocean to relive the story of how a clown fish named Marlin, with the help of his pal, Dory, went on a
hunt to find his son,the lovable Nemo. One of your favorite Pixar movies comes to life before your eyes when you ride this.IMG_2400 Tip: If you like Finding Nemo don’t forget to head over to Animal Kingdom to see Finding Nemo: The Musical! 

IMG_38003) Space Mountain– Star command do you read me? Travel into space in your own 3-seater rocket ship when you climb aboard this high speed indoor roller coaster. In total darkness you are transported to a world of twists and turns, drops and screams. I made it a personal goal to see how many times I can ride this coaster in one day (6 times)! Comment below and tell me how many times you rode space mountain in one day! Tip: If you would like to ride this high speed coaster be sure to get a Fastpass before your vacation! 

4) The Haunted Mansion– Go and meet the 999 happy haunts that live in the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom. If you look carefully you can see themIMG_3658 sitting right next to you or on your shoulder! When waiting on line to enter this spooky attraction look at the tomb stones that surround you. If you’d like to join them, that can be arranged, just be sure to tell the Grim Grinning Ghosts inside. Don’t forget to bring your death certificate!  IMG_1898

5) Peter Pan’s Flight – An all time favorite classic ride for all ages. Hop aboard the magical flying ship and soar through the Darling’s house, the skies of London and then it’s off to Neverland! There you will encounter Captain Hook, his partner in crime, Mr. Smee, and the famous crocodile. It is pure Disney magic at its best. IMG_2272







IMG_39916) Enchanted Tales with Belle– This new ride in New Fantasyland is sure to put a smile on your face as well as put your story telling/acting skills to the test. When you enter Belle’s father, Maurice’s house, you are transported through a magical pathway into a room where you encounter none other than Madame Wardrobe. It is there where you are told that you are going to surprise Belle and tell her a tale that is old as time… the story of a Beauty and a Beast! Everyone has a chance to play one of their favorite characters such as Mrs. Potts, her son, Chip, Phillipe- Maurice’s trusty steed, and of course Madame Wardrobe (I had the honor of getting to play the operatic Madame Wardrobe!)

IMG_3982Once everyone has a part you are escorted to a room where you will meet Lumiere and surprise Belle with your tale. This is an experience fun for all ages!



These six rides are just a few of the not-to-miss attractions during your visit to Disney World.