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by Fairy Diva

My family recently returned from a week-long cruise, and it was great. The only complaint that I had was that it was not on Disney Cruise Line. While we had a wonderful time, I found myself comparing our particular ship to the ones we have sailed with Disney, and I made a list of the things Disney offers that really make the Disney Cruise Line stand above all others, at least to me. So, what will you find on a Disney cruise that you won’t find elsewhere?

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The Dining- On a Disney ship you can expect dinner to be a bit different than other cruise lines. Disney Cruise Line offers rotational dining. This means that unlike other cruise lines where you typically dine at the same table in the same dining room each night, on Disney ships you rotate nightly meals between three, magically-themed restaurants. Your wait staff travels with you to each location nightly. One of our family’s favorite places is Animator’s Palate, a location that truly brings the art of Disney animation to life as you dine on delicious fare. Each ship features three unique dining options, so no matter which ship you choose, you will find a variety of wonderfully-themed restaurants.

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The Fireworks- Yes, fireworks! While nothing quite compares to the beauty of Wishes at Magic Kingdom, the spectacular fireworks display in the middle of the beautiful waters, set to tunes from Pirates of the Caribbean is a pretty close second. It is truly a magical feeling out at sea! The firework display, seen from the upper decks, is part of Pirate Night, offered on most sailings. Pirate Night includes a fully-themed atmosphere, dining and deck party one night of the cruise. Many guests dress in pirate attire. You won’t find this kind of adventure anywhere else at sea.

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The Characters- While a few other cruise ships are now offering character meets, they are not Disney characters! Character meets are abundant on Disney Cruise Line, so matter which ship you are on, you are sure to meet a lot of well-known Disney friends.

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The Staterooms- The staterooms on Disney Cruise Line are much more spacious than those on other cruise lines. Truly designed with families in mind, the staterooms are spacious. Special features like raised beds, which provide storage for luggage and other travel items, are in each stateroom. Another amazing feature are the split bathrooms. Nearly every Disney Cruise Line stateroom offers two (yes, two!) bathrooms. One features a sink and toilet, while the other features a sink and bathtub/shower. Yes, you read that right, a bathtub! While most cruise lines only offer a tub in expensive suites, Disney offers them in nearly all staterooms, including the inside staterooms, which are the least pricey. As a side note, the bathtubs are a bit smaller than a typical bathtub, but they are such a nice addition and make the shower much more spacious than a typical stateroom shower.

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The Shows- Each night, Disney Cruise Line offers top-notch shows for cruise passengers. These family-friendly shows will appeal to travelers of all ages and provide a truly magical end to a fun day cruising. Many feature magical details, and the quality of performers, storylines and music is superb. You will definitely see many of your favorite Disney characters in each production and hear many of your favorite Disney songs! Also, each Disney ship features a large, 3D movie theater showing newly released films.

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The Stop at Castaway Cay- Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, is a stop on most Disney cruises, and is a tropical paradise dusted with a bit of Disney magic. Disney caters to all guests on Castaway Cay, whether you are looking for a family-fun day in the sun or a quiet day of relaxing on the adult-only area of the island. Kids can enjoy a specially-themed area of Castaway Cay with many fun features. All guests are invited to enjoy a delicious lunch on the island.

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The Magic- The main thing you will find onboard a Disney Cruise Line ship is the magical atmosphere that only Disney can provide. Fun is elevated by the special touch that is uniquely Disney. No matter where your ship takes you, the journey will be special and the feeling, magical.

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Have you been on the Disney Cruise Line? Anything you would add to this list?

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