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by Fairy Diva

In late 2016, Disney announced the release of a new style of MagicBands. Known as MagicBand 2, the new bands are intended to further innovate and personalize the vacation experience to Walt Disney World. The newly-styled bands have just recently started hitting mailboxes, and I was able to receive them for our early 2017 trip. Here is what you can expect from the new design!


MagicBands were introduced as a complimentary addition to guests staying in Walt Disney World resorts a few years ago. The MagicBands contains all of the information noted in your My Disney Experience. The tap of a MagicBand functions as your resort room key, your theme park ticket, your PhotoPass card, and your Dining Plan credits. It also accesses your FastPass + selections, and allows you to make purchases in most retail and dining areas throughout Walt Disney World, offering the convenience of not having to carry around money or credit cards. MagicBands can be customized based on color in My Disney Experience, and basic bands for those staying off-property and special edition MagicBands are available for purchase.

Recently, Disney announced a new style of the MagicBand. This new style, the MagicBand 2, works exactly the same as the previous design. The new band is slightly different from the older style. The original MagicBand was a simple band, while the new band features a slightly larger facing with a removable disc. Guests can leave the disc within the MagicBand 2 and use it the same as the old style, or you can remove the disc from the center of the MagicBand 2 and use it in other accessories, like lanyards and keychains (which will be available for purchase).



When our magical mail arrived containing our MagicBands, I did not know if we would be receiving the old or new style. I was pleasantly surprised to see the MagicBand 2 for our family! My main concern was the size of the facing. I had seen images of the new style online, and was concerned the band would be bulkier. However, I did not find this to be the case at all. The actual band portion is the same size, with only the facing on the top being slightly larger. The color options are the same as well-  red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, and gray. And of course, there will be special edition MagicBand 2 designs available for purchase. The size of MagicBand 2 is adjustable in the same fashion as the original MagicBand for little wrists, and the similar fastening area allows continues use of MagicBand accessories, like my favorite, the MagicBandits.




Instructions to remove the disc are included in your packaging. You will need a screwdriver and are cautioned to not over-tighten.


Overall, I am pleased with the new design of the MagicBand 2. However, I do not anticipate ever removing the disc from mine. I would be nervous about losing a keychain or a lanyard, personally, but I can see where those who do not prefer wearing the bands on their wrists would be grateful for an alternative. Have you received the new MagicBand 2? How do you like the change? Let us know in the comments below!

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