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by Soarin’ Diva

Our day started with my family of four arriving at Magic Kingdom about 45 minutes before park opening. My youngest son, who was nine at the time, was still sleepy and was  being very grumpy. In an effort to get him in a better mood, I handed him my expensive camera and told him that he was the photographer and he could take any pictures he wanted.
The more he played with my camera and we posed for his pictures, the more he began enjoying himself as we waited for the park to open. Suddenly, right before us stood a cast member. She was very lively and posed with my husband, asking my son to take her picture. Another cast member approached me and handed me a note. The note read, “Can you do me a favor?” Of course I agreed, and she handed me another note, which read, ” Can your family help us today?” I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, but I agreed again. (I mean, come on, this is Walt Disney World!)
633The cast members took us to a bench seated right before the entrance of the Magic Kingdom. There, we met another cast member who explained that we were chosen to be the First Family of Magic Kingdom that day. The First Family is the family picked to join the opening show with Mickey Mouse and various other characters.  We were first rushed to have our pictures made in front of Cinderella’s castle, as well as various other photo spots, while the park was still empty of guests.  What a thrill, knowing you are the only people who are not cast members walking around Magic Kingdom.


666We were taken upstairs to the train station, where we met Smoky, the Fire Chief.  He explained what we would be doing, which consisted of stepping out on cue and waving to the crowd waiting out front for the park to open.  We would be standing next to Mickey Mouse and the other characters.  It was definitely the highlight of all the trips we have taken to WDW so far.  We were given a free 8×10 photograph of us on top of the train depot waving with the characters.  We were also given special fast passes that we could use on any ride within a two-week period.

Now comes the big question…”How can my family be picked to be the First Family of Magic Kingdom?”  Of course there is no guarantee you will be picked, but I can offer a few tips that may help.  My number one tip is to make sure you get to the park at least thirty minutes before park opening.  The cast member who is chosen to pick the First Family has to pick this family with enough time to take pictures and have them in place for the opening show before it begins.  Tip number two is to make sure you are having fun!  We were chosen because Delores, the cast member, noticed how much fun we were having by just being there and being together.  Please don’t fake your fun either, they know & can spot you when you are just trying to show off to be noticed.  Tip number three is you must realize that they pick a different cast member every day to choose the First Family, so if you see one pick a family one day, odds are very slim it will be the same cast member to pick a family the next day you go.  My last tip is to just be yourself and even if you don’t get picked, remember that you are still at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the happiest place on earth.  Enjoy watching the opening show and have a great day at Magic Kingdom!

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