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by Wishes Diva

Meeting characters is one of my favorite things to do when I visit Walt Disney World. There are so many different characters to catch, it can be a task to track them down.

Below is an A-Z list of characters that are available to meet at Disney, and where to find them!  Pixie Dusted Diva also has a Guide to Character Meals.

Quick Guide to Characters at WDW

Tips for Getting Unique Experiences with Disney Characters

Aladdin and Jasmine Meet & Greet

Aladdin- Found in the Adventureland section of Magic Kingdom. He meets with Jasmine near their ride, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Alice in Wonderland- You can meet Alice in the UK section of World Showcase in EPCOTl. She often rotates with Mary Poppins in the garden area across from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. She is also found by the tea cups in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Anna- This popular princess can also be found in EPCOT, in Norway. You can meet her in the Royal Sommerhus with her sister.

Ariel- This character is easy to find, located directly next to her ride in Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom inside Ariel’s Grotto.

BB-8- This newcomer to the Disney scene has been one of the most popular meet and greets in the past few years. You can meet this droid inside Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios.

Belle- Catch up with Belle in the France pavilion at EPCOT. She meets right by the gazebo at the entrance of the France section of World Showcase. You can also meet her during the interactive attraction Enchanted Tales with Belle at the Magic Kingdom.

Bo Beep- This is a newer Character Experience that was added when Toy Story Land opened. You can find Bo Peep in Toy Story Land near the Toy Story Mania entrance.

Buzz Lightyear- Buzz is one of the characters that can be found in more than one location. If you are visiting Magic Kingdom you can find Buzz in Tomorrowland, near the queue for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. The other location he can be found is in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. He can be found near the entrance to this part of Hollywood Studios.

Captain Jack Sparrow- The swashbuckling pirate meets in the Magic Kingdom not far from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. You can find the Captain in Adventureland at the Pirates of the Caribbean Courtyard.

Chewbacca- This towering Wookiee can be found inside Star Wars Launch Bay in the Animation Courtyard section of Hollywood Studios.Chewbacca Meet and Greet

Chip- Chip and his brother Dale can be met in Animal Kingdom park. Head to the DinoLand U.S.A. section of the park to find these two mischievous ‘munks. They have even been known to meet in fun costumes on past occasions!

Cinderella- Cinderella has a shared meet and greet with Elena of Avalor in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. This meet and greet is housed inside a building that is climate controlled which can make for a nice break from the heat during summer months!

Cruz Ramirez- This Cars superstar can be seen at Hollywood Studios. You can find her at the Cars Courtyard in the Sunset Boulevard section of the park.

Dale- See ‘Chip’ above for info about this meet and greet!

Darth Vader- Alongside his Star Wars co-stars, Darth Vader can be met in the Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios.

Doc McStuffins- This lovable Disney Junior character can be met right outside the Disney Junior Dance Party entrance in Hollywood Studios. Inside Animation Courtyard along the right-hand side is where you can find her and other Disney Junior pals.

Donald Duck- Donald can be met in three different parks across Disney property. At EPCOT he can be found sporting his Three Caballeros gear in the Mexico Promenade in World Showcase. At Magic Kingdom, you can find Donald with some of his closest friends in the back of Fantasyland inside Pete’s Silly Side Show Dug & Russellacross from Dumbo. Lastly, you can find everyone’s favorite duck in Animal Kingdom in the Welcome Center of DinoLand U.S.A.

Dug- This lovable dog from UP! can be met at Animal Kingdom. You can find him at Dug & Russell’s Wilderness Explorer Club House to the right after you cross the bridge heading toward the Tree of Life.

Edna Mode- This fashionista can be seen inside Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios. She greets fans inside the Edna Mode Experience behind the Chinese Theater.

Elena of Avalor- See ‘Cinderella’ above. Elena can be met inside Princess Fairytale Hall.Elena of Avalor

Elsa- The ice queen can be met alongside her sister in EPCOT. Head to Norway and the Royal Sommerhus to see these favorites.

Fancy Nancy- This bubbly preschool favorite can be met in the same area as Doc McStuffins. Find them both in the Animation Courtyard by the Disney Junior Dance Party.

Fairy Godmother Meet and Greet

Wishes Diva and Marvel Diva Meet Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Godmother- This meet and greet is a lot of fun. You can find her in Magic Kingdom at Fantasyland by the castle pillars.

Frozone- Coolest of all the supers, Frozone meets inside Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios. Head around behind the Chinese Theater to find him and his superhero buddies.

Gaston- This handsome, somewhat vain, macho man can be found in Magic Kingdom. Near the tavern that holds his name, you can find him meeting and greeting with guests just past Beast’s castle and the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Goofy- Much like Donald, Goofy can be met in three of the parks. In Animal Kingdom, find him in DinoLand U.S.A.. At Magic Kingdom head to Pete’s Silly Side Show, and at EPCOT he can be found in Future World near Spaceship Earth.

Goofy Meet and GreetJessie- Everyone’s favorite cowgirl meets in Toy Story Land with all her pals. You can find Jessie near the Alien Swirling Saucers attraction for her meet and greet.

Joy- This Inside Out star can be found at EPCOT. Right now, as many renovations are happening at EPCOT, her location has been moved. Check your times guide when you enter the park to find where she is located.

Launchpad McQuack- Silly pilot to Scrooge McDuck, this character can be found alongside his other pals in DinoLand U.S.A. inside Animal Kingdom.

Mary Poppins- The practically perfect nanny can be located in the UK Pavilion inside World Showcase. She often rotates times with Alice in Wonderland.

Merida- Courageous and opinionated, Merida can be found at Magic Kingdom. Her meet and greet is slightly tucked away along one of the pathways that leads away from the castle. She can be found to the right of the castle along the path that leads to the teacups.

Mickey Mouse- The main attraction! Mickey can be met in each of the four parks. At Magic Kingdom, he has his own indoor meet and greet to the right just under the train station. In Animal Kingdom he meets in safari gear at the Adventures Outpost. At Hollywood Studios, he meets in his best attire at the Commissary Lane in Red Carpet Dreams. If you are looking for him at EPCOT you can find Mickey in Future World at the same building as the Pixar Short Film Festival.

Mickey Mouse Meet and GreetMike Wazowski- You can meet this favorite one-eyed monster at Hollywood Studios. He can be found in the Animation Courtyard along your way toward Pixar Place and Toy Story Land.

Minnie Mouse- Like her leading man, Minnie is found in all 4 parks. At Magic Kingdom, you can meet her at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. In EPCOT head to the entrance of World Showcase to find her at the Friendship Ambassador Gazebo. Hollywood Studios is located at Commissary Lane and in Animal Kingdom she meets in Adventurers Outpost on Discovery Island.

Mr. Incredible & Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl)- Catch the super couple in Hollywood Studios at Pixar Place. You can meet both inside Municiberg behind the Chinese Theater.

Mulan- The warrior princess can be found at EPCOT in World Showcase. Head to the China pavilion to find her meet and greet by the Reflections of China building.

Olaf- Our favorite magical snowman can be found at Hollywood Studios. To meet Olaf you’ll have to go to the Celebrity Spotlight at Echo Lake.

Peter Pan- Find the boy who won’t grow up at Magic Kingdom, You can find him around the corner from his attraction at the edge of Fantasyland.

Pluto- Mickey’s best pal is also another character featured in all the parks. At EPCOT find him in Future World at the Legacy Plaza West. Animal Kingdom has Pluto meeting in DinoLand U.S.A. In Hollywood Studios, head to Animation Courtyard and Magic Kingdom he is in the Storybook Circus Calliope Tent next door to Pete’s Silly Side Show.

Pocahontas- Pocahontas meets at Animal Kingdom. She can be found on Discovery Island along the trails by the Tree of Life.The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2020 - Review and Giveaway

Princess Aurora- Head to France in the World Showcase section of EPCOT to meet this royalty. She can be found by the gazebo alongside where Belle usually meets.

Princess Jasmine- Jasmine can be found alongside her leading man in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. You can also find Jasmine at EPCOT in the Morocco section of the World Showcase.

Princess Tiana- This spirited Princess can be found on the opposite side of Princess Fairytale Hall from Cinderella and Elena. She meets alongside Rapunzel.

Rafiki- This famed storyteller can be met at Animal Kingdom. You can find him after you cross the bridge on to Discovery island on the right-hand side.

Ralph- The wrecking machine can be found in EPCOT. In Future World at the ImageWorks studio is where you can find him!

Rapunzel Meet and GreetRapunzel- Rapunzel and her long locks can be found in Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom. See ‘Princess Tiana’ above.

Russell- The loveable Wilderness Explorer meets alongside his canine companion Dug at Animal Kingdom. Find him on Discovery Islan. See ‘Dug’ above for further information!

Scrooge McDuck- This miserable meiser can be met at Animal Kingdom in DinoLand U.S.A.

Snow White- The original Disney princess! You can find her at EPCOT in the Germany section of World Showcase.

Snow White Meet and GreetStitch- In recent years, this furry alien’s meeting place has shifted. Recently you can find him meeting inside the building that formerly housed his attraction at Magic Kingdom. You can find him in Tomorrowland across from the entrance to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.

Sulley- Big, fuzzy and blue, you can’t miss this monster meet and greet! Sulley greets his friends at the Animation Courtyard in Hollywood Studios.

Tigger- Our bouncy friend meets his adoring fans at the Magic Kingdom. You can find him next to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction in Fantasyland.

Timon- This lovable meerkat can be found at Animal Kingdom. He meets alongside Rafiki at the Character Landing on Discovery Island.

Tinker Bell- This favorite fairy can be found at Magic Kingdom. She meets in the same building as Mickey, on the right-hand side just under the train station. You can find her on the opposite side from Mickey Mouse.

Vampirina- Newcomer to the character scene, this Disney Junior superstar can be found at Hollywood Studios. You can meet her in the Animation Courtyard outside of the Disney Junior Dance Party.

Vanelope von Schweetz- This sweetie can be met at EPCOT in Future World. You can find her in the ImageWorks studio along with Ralph.

Pooh Bear and Tigger Meet and GreetWinnie the Pooh- Our favorite willy nilly silly old bear meets alongside his best friends at the Thotful spot. Head to Magic Kingdom, next to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh if you want to meet this cuddly friend.

Woody- The sheriff and his friends can be found in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Woody specifically can be met near the entrance to Toy Story Mania.

So there you have it! This is the list of characters found in the parks. Now keep in mind that Disney does have. A habit of rotating and changing character meet and greets depending on the season and park attendance.

If you are interested in meeting some of these familiar faces during character meals, check out this guide to character meals at Walt Disney World.