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Author: Disney Diva

While taking the Family Magic Tour at Magic Kingdom this year I found a place I have NEVER noticed before! A little quiet off-shoot, perfect for eating lunch or resting your feet.

The rest stop is on your RIGHT as you walk up Main Street, directly after the first set of shops. There is a small “rue” that walks between the two sets of shops. I’ve never noticed this area was there because towards the beginning of the street there is always a cartoonist set up ready to draw people. I always feel awkward when I see people working like that and then not hiring them (weird, I know) so I’ve always just turned around…

I’ve discovered if you KEEP WALKING this area opens up to an open and a covered area (the covered area still has pay phones, which just cracks me up for some reason) and both have tables and chairs to sit at.

Try out my secret rest stop and tell me what you think! Mark your maps! In a place that is normally so crowded, this will be a welcome escape and perfect when you can’t find a place to sit at Casey’s Corner. Just stroll back down Main Street a bit and pull up a quiet chair!