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Author: Disney Diva

For those of you who loved Kim Possible in Epcot’s World Showcase and are excited about the re-vamping as the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, let me put your mind at ease… it is great.

There are a few changes now that Perry is in charge that you should be aware of.

– You only have 30 minutes from starting the Adventure to begin it, or the phones wont work. Basically you have as long as it would take to get your ticket and walk all the way to the American Pavilion.

– And you CAN’T STOP. Ok so what I mean with that you can’t stop your mission once you have begun it. So you can’t take a break and get something to eat or take a rest in the middle of the mission.

We got our Mission ticket from the station at Norway in World Showcase, but there are multiple places where you can pick up your ticket.

The attendant asked us what we wanted our Secret Agent Name to be. You basically get to pick a letter to represent you. Then the attendant asked us which country we wanted to do our mission in and we opted for Mexico.

We were then given our cell-phone transmitter and sent to Mexico to do our mission.

The mission was interesting. I think it would have been more interesting in a place other than Mexico because its all in one area inside the pyramid.

You can do a mission in most countries in World Showcase.

You can can get your missions at Norway, International Gateway, or when crossing the bridge between Future World and World Showcase.

This is a great way for your KIDS to enjoy World Showcase as well.

Good Luck Agents!

Hey, Where’s Perry?