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imageAuthor: Disney Diva

There’s no doubt that Akershus at Epcot is one of the best places to rub elbows with royalty! IMG_3609

If you want to eat with Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Snow White and Belle, and don’t want to spend two dining credits to do it, or can’t get a reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Akershus is a GREAT dining place! It is a fantastic way to see and meet the famous Princesses.

The World Showcase in Epcot, technically doesn’t open until 10am, but you can have breakfast there much earlier, and you will have to have an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR). On the morning of, just bring your dining party and park tickets then get in the entrance line that is marked for Character Dining. They will check to see if your name is on the list. Once they find you on the list, you will slide your ticket through and they’ll direct you back towards the Norway Pavilion in the World Showcase. It’s to the right and is the second stop after the Mexico Pavilion. There’s usually someone there to direct you to your dining destination.

If the park is already openned, I would suggest sending someone in your group to go get your fast passes for Soarin’ and then meeting you at the breakfast.

You’ll park your stroller (assuming you have one) at the front of the pavilion, not next door to the IMG_3604restaurant as you might think. Then you, your princess and princes, will check in at the host station. I would HIGHLY suggest you dress your Princess up for this meal. Almost every little girl you see will be in a princess dress. Just remember to bring an extra change of clothing for later when they’re tired of being dressed up.

IMG_3617The Norwegian Host or Hostess will announce a Royal Invitation for your family name and they’ll shuffle you into a line to get your picture made with a Princess. Both of the times we’ve been there, it has been Belle in her yellow dress, but it could be any of the princesses. This princess will NOT rotate around the tables, so if you want their autograph you must get it then. The picture is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF YOUR FOOD. You will receive a large one and a few small ones at no IMG_3647cost to you, so be sure to do it. For large parties they usually do one picture per 4 people.

IMG_3618After your photo, you’ll be taken to your table and your Norwegian waiter or waitress will take your drink order and ask if there is anything specific you don’t want with your breakfast.
There is both a cold buffet with some pastries, yogurt, salmon and the like on it. I’m not really an adventurous eater, so I skipped on fish for breakfast.
Then after a little while, the hot food is delivered to your table. Its served family style.IMG_3649
Hot foods plates include bacon, eggs, sausages, hash brown casserole and an assortment of fruits which are all delicious, extremely filling, and will likely keep you going for a while exploring Epcot.

At some point in your meal you will also have a Princess Parade where the princesses will lead your young Princes and Princesses around the entire dining area to some music. It’s cute. Just look for the closest Princess with a basket of flowers and get in line. If your little one is too young to go by herself you can go along too.
And, of course, you get some one on one Princess time as each Princess comes around to your table for autographs and pictures. We took scads of pictures in multiple variations and I never felt like one was flustered or ready to move on to the next table.

IMG_1417You’ll want to make sure that you have your autograph books out and ready to go.

The Princesses will ask you all kinds of questions and just discuss things like how vacations are going and how much they like their dresses. It’s very fun and unhurried.
So, I bet you’re wondering, how do the boys handle all this Princess stuff? Well J did GREAT in the middle of a very Princessed-out place. He said the food was good and he didn’t mind getting autographs. He didn’t usually want to do pictures, but that’s ok. It really seems to me to be how the parents encourage the son to deal with it, that is an indicator of how well they do. We just made sure we did some serious “guy” stuff to balance things out a bit.
I would highly recommend Akershus for BREAKFAST. I am not high on the food for lunch or dinner, personally, but the mostly Americanized breakfast seems to be fine for my picky eaters.