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by Disney Magic Diva

An Easy, DIY Disney Autograph Idea that Really Stacks UpEven after dozens of trips to the Disney Parks, we still enjoy meeting characters. And when the grandkids are with us, they often like to collect autographs.  Granted, it’s not as exciting as their first visit, but still, there’s something more magical about engaging with a character when you  take the time to get an autograph.  The problem, though, is figuring out new and fun ways to collect the autographs.  We’ve done customized autograph books, character encyclopedias, quilts, pillows, hats, photo mats, tote bags – so many options! (You can read about some of these ideas from Soarin’ Diva, Character Diva, and Pink Diva).  Since my creativity in how to collect autographs was about exhausted, I had planned to just skip it on our last trip with the grandkids. About two days before our trip I casually mentioned this to the kiddos, and they looked at me like I was Cruella de Ville taking away their puppies!  “What?” they wailed!  “We want to do autographs!

So, with little time or ambition, I dug through my craft studio and found some cardstock cubes which I had purchased long ago.

Diva Tip: Although the cubes I used were cardstock, you could also use wooden cubes.  I’ve purchased wooden cubes to use as autograph blocks for baby showers, and they worked great.  I purchased mine at Michael’s, but you can find some similar ones on Amazon here.  

I had two sets of cubes (nine cubes per set), thankfully, so each child could have their own set of autographed cubes. I thought the cubes were a brilliant idea, because I didn’t need to prep anything – just bring the cubes and markers.  After having done customized books and quilts, I was really on board with this idea!  Each cube, of course, has six sides, and with nine cubes that was space for 54 autographs. Plenty of room!  And whatever space was left blank we could just cover with some Disney-themed scrapbooking paper or stickers when we returned home.

My husband and daughter, though, were more practical and wondered if the characters would be able to sign a 2” x 2” cube.  Face characters would probably not have much of a problem, but they were concerned mice, ducks, chipmunks, dogs, etc. may be a bit challenged.  So, we tried it out with oven mitts on our hands and found it could be done.  And knowing how talented those mice, ducks, chipmunks, dogs, etc. are; we figured it would probably work. Probably.

An Easy, DIY Disney Autograph Idea that Really Stacks UpI packed lots of colors of Sharpie markers and put each set of cubes in their own Ziploc bag.  I also packed smaller Ziploc bags which held just one or two cubes so we didn’t need to bring all the cubes with us all the time.An Easy, DIY Disney Autograph Idea that Really Stacks Up

Diva Tip: Retractable markers work best when dealing with characters – less chance of color accidentally ending up on a paw or on you!

On the first night of our trip, we had dinner at Chef Mickey’s and tried out the cubes.  They were a hit!  The characters were all very interested in this novel way of collecting autographs.  We handed the cube to them and invited them to sign whichever side they chose.  Since we weren’t sure how many characters we’d be meeting over the course of our trip, we switched out cubes as soon as a couple of sides were signed.  (By the end of our trip, most cubes had three sides signed, but of course your number may vary.)

The face characters were especially intrigued with the cubes.  Most of them asked what they were, and several engaged in a quick chat specifically about the cubes.  It’s always more magical when you can have a conversation with the characters, and having a unique topic made it all the more fun!  The Mad Hatter insisted they were dice, and asked what would happen when, after we were back home and playing with them, we rolled his name. My granddaughter had the perfect response – “You win the game!”

An Easy, DIY Disney Autograph Idea that Really Stacks UpAfter we were home the kids had a great afternoon decorating the unsigned sides of their cubes.  I brought out old Disney scrapbook paper and stickers, and they kept busy for over an hour decorating!  (Score another win for me!!  A whole hour of them having fun together!) While they were decorating they reminisced about the trip and relived our time together.  More Disney Magic, right before my eyes!

So, if you’re looking for an easy, unique way to collect autographs on your next trip, try these autograph blocks.  They were easy and lightweight to carry, required no prep, and provided a novel topic for discussion with the characters.  And after you’re home, they’re fun to stack!

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