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art 1 By: Beauty and the Beast Diva

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Disney Animator? Have you ever tried to imagine if you had what it takes to draw for Disney? Do you just want to sit down for 30 minutes in a place with air conditioning? If you’re at Hollywood Studios, you should check out the Animation Academy. This fantastic class allows you to take a class with an actual Disney Animator and try your hand at drawing! I am not much of an artist but my drawings usually come out quite nice. Even if drawing isn’t your thing, the drawing class is quit enjoyable, and at the very least it’s about 30 minutes of air conditioning, getting you out of the Florida sun. The relaxed atmosphere and air conditioning make this a great place to take a rest during the day. I stumbled upon the class while on a girls’ weekend trip and it has now become a staple in my trips to Hollywood Studios.marissa drawing
You enter the room and take your seat, you notice a freshly sharpened pencil and a large piece of paper that is anchored to the desk in front of you. There is a projection screen of the animators drawing to follow as you go. The animator usually asks the class which character they want to draw out of a few options and will take a vote, or will start drawing and have you guess the character you are sketching as you go along. Before you know it your pencil strokes and shapes are taking on the face of your favorite Disney characters. I usually laugh at my poor attempts at the beginning and within a few minutes I become QUITE impressed with myself. The animator makes it quite simple to follow along for all ages; children to grandparents have attended the classes I’ve 4


During the class, the animator will share some fun facts about the character you are drawing, as well as ask some Disney trivia questions. The room is full of lots of giggling, while other people can be seen focusing hard on what the animator is drawing. Either way, before you know it, you are signing your signature to your masterpiece. Best of all, the Disney animator gives his artwork away at the end of the class. I’ve noticed that it usually goes to a chil,d but sometimes if you ask nicely they will give it to an adult. Imagine that, a FREE, signed piece of art from a real live Disney Animator. If you do not want to ruin your piece of art you can ask a cast member for a bag to store it in, although I’ve had good luck rolling mine and keeping it tucked away. When exiting the class you notice a large display area, noting all of the achievements Disney has attained in animation, and like any great Disney attraction, it leads you to a gift shop where you can purchase collectible artwork, small and 3
Tip: The classes start at 10:30AM and last about 30 minutes, they run continuously until the park closes. This attraction tends to be less crowed later in the day. Be sure to be prompt, as seating is limited. Do not miss this unique hands- on opportunity to draw your very own Disney characterart 2