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Author: Disney Diva

On this last vacation Diva Husband and I got to try out some of the Fine Dining restaurants that we normally don’t enjoy at Disney simply because we’re weird about taking our kids into restaurants. Especially because they don’t EAT anything and all of these places we were trying were more on the expensive side.

We were really excited to try Artist Point in Wilderness Lodge because we had heard so many good things about it. We were not disappointed! It was wonderful.

We had a very early reservation (5:00pm) and got there a little early so we stopped by the bar, Territory Lounge, to enjoy a cocktail before dinner. The bar was very nice with plenty of seating and televisions.

I had this yummy drink that had Strawberry at the bottom of it. It was really quite good!

Artist Point decor is done in an Arts and Craft Style which is one of my absolute FAVORITE design styles. So of course I was in love with the restaurant.

Once we were seated our adorable and extremely friendly waitress took our drink orders. Diva Husband went with the beer that was suggested with his meal selection. It was called Widmer Hefewizen Craft Beer and its made in Portland, Oregon. He said it was BEYOND delicious! I had a cranberry martini.

You can click on these pictures to enlarge them so you can see the menu more clearly.

The bread came out and then we ordered appetizers.

Hubby went with the Confit Natural Bacon with Crab, Grilled Corn Salad and Spiced Cider Reduction….and it was on my goodness AMAZING! I would go back again just for this. LOOK at this delectable thing!

Yes, that is one giant HUNK of bacon! TASTY!

We also tried the cheese plate and it was fairly good.

We’ve fallen into kind of a weird pattern at fine dining restraints’ so that we can compare them against one another. I always get a steak of some sort, since its my favorite, and my husband always gets their variation of the pork.

Hubby had the Kurobuta Port Tenderloin with Yukon Gratin, Root Spinach, Heirloom Apple Ketchup and Pomegranate Pork Jus. He RAVED! It was delicious. The Apple Ketchup (tastes like apple butter) added so much flavor. We were really impressed.

I had the Grilled Hand-cut Filet Mignon, with Lobster Mushroom Ragout, Savory Truffle and Hazelnut Crunch Donut filled with Sweet Potato, Sage and Red Currant Gastrique. The steak was good, the Donut was NOT. Still I was very happy with my meal despite the weird sweet potato thingy.

We really liked Artist Point and it moves into our list of favorite places to dine. We would absolutely eat here again and would even feel comfortable bringing our kids. We suggest you add Artist Point to your next Dining Plan.