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We have received some great questions this week. I will start with the following question:

 I am going with my husband, my 4-yr-old son and 2-yr-old daughter to WDW in
 June of next year. We plan to go to Epcot the day we arrive, so we will only
 have half a day there (we will probably arrive around 2 or 3 in the
 afternoon). What attractions/characters should be definitely see? What is
 skippable? Keep in mind that this will be the first trip for both kids AND
 the hubs!!! Thanks for your response! I LOVE your blog and I read it every

Budget Diva’s Answer:
I think it is a great idea to allow half a day at Epcot. I have always been told that young children tend to be bored in Epcot because of a lack of toddler-focused attractions. The Disney Diva disagrees. Epcot is her son’s favorite and has been for a long time. I would recommend that you plan to spend most of your time at The Seas with Nemo & Friends which is an amazing 5.7 million gallon aquarium located in the “Future World” Pavilion. Many kids love Nemo, so this area tends to be a big hit with children of all ages but especially younger children. Inside the Seas Pavilion you will see Turtle Talk, The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride (which does have a a few scary parts. Read review HERE)  and the popular Coral Reef restaurant. Turtle Talk with Crush is a 15 minute interactive show in which children of all ages can talk to the famous turtle from Finding Nemo. This is really fun for younger children.You can see a video of the attraction where Disney Diva’s daughter asks Crush a Hard Question HERE. There are also many Kid-Cot Stations throughout World Showcase that your children might really like, as well as the Perry the Platypus “game” throughout World Showcase where they help Perry save the world one country at a time. EPCOT IS ALSO ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO MEET CHARACTERS!!! They’re all over the World Showcase and usually lines are MUCH SHORTER there.

If you prefer a nice sit down meal I would recommend The Coral Reef restaurant. The atmosphere is great and the food is amazing. If you would prefer a character dining experience The Garden Grill is an option. After lunch plan to visit with Mickey and friends at the Epcot Character Spot in Future World. Have a great vacation!

Question: Hello, What a great site I have found many helpful hints on here. I have my first trip to WDW in November and was thinking of taking the bag I take on zoo trips here, it is a small luggage bag with wheels and is easy to pull around, would you recommend this, and where do the backpacks/bags go while you are on the rides?  Thanks, Angie

Budget Diva’s Answer: Hi Angie! Thank you for your question! I always try to suggest taking a backpack that you can wear and not have to worry with carrying/pulling around the park. Walt Disney World does NOT ALLOW backpacks with wheels in the park.  For more info on what to pack check out our article packing the perfect backpack. While you are on the ride you will usually just take your bag with you and smush it between your knees or in some rides you can put it into a little bag. Some people leave their backpacks in their strollers but I don’t suggest this UNLESS you’re ok with everything in that bag potentially dissapearing.

Question: My husband and I are planning our first Disney World trip together We have
been compiling lists on what we want to do in each park so we can make our
“plan”. What I was wondering was what rides at Disney World are best avoided
by the Pooh-sized so we can avoid embarrassing ourselves.

Budget Diva’s Answer: I hope you and your husband have a wonderful first trip to Disney World! How magical! It’s a great idea to have a ‘plan’ to make the most of your vacation. There’s so much to see and you want to be sure to use the Fast passes when available! Most all of the Disney rides accommodate at least 2 and sometimes 3 people so I would not worry about being ‘Pooh sized’ 🙂 I would be cautious about the following rides as they do have tight spaces: Astro Orbiter in Magic Kingdom, Mad Tea Party in Magic Kingdom and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (no leg room). You might want to read the GREAT article written on this exact thing by Amy at which you can find HERE. I also recommend you read our article “Info for what Ails ya” which could also help in knowing what rides are more accommodating. .

And there’s our Ask the Diva’s for the week! Hope it helps you!

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