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By: Princess Diva

We wanted to make sure that on our trip to Aulani, my husband and I ended up with a little bit of alone time.  After all, we were there to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  We have used baby sitting services on Disney property before while staying in Walt Disney World, so we decided to give it a try while in Hawaii.  Aulani does not endorse any sitting service.  I had done some research and talked to some friends who had just returned from Oahu and had used the same service that I was looking at.  I found Happy Kids through a simple Google search and decided to give them a call.  They answered all of the questions that I had and assured me that all of their nannies have a full background check, have first aide training, and come highly recommended from previous employers.  After checking more on their website, I decided to make a reservation for one of our evenings at Aulani.  There is an online form that you can fill out for services, and then a Happy Kids employee will contact you to talk about your reservation (reservations should be made prior to arriving on Oahu).  About a week before our trip, we received another call to confirm our reservation, double check our information and hotel reservations.  It was at this time that they told us a little about our nanny.  They also told us that we needed to call once we checked in at Aulani so that we could give them our room number and let us know that we would be responsible for paying for parking for our sitter.  That was an extra $35.00 (rates for Happy Kids vary depend on age of children, number of children, and how long a sitter is needed). 
Fast forward a week and a few days.  Our nanny, named Gail, arrived and brought a bag full of activities for the kids to do and movies for the kids to watch.  We showed her around, talked a few minutes and gave her a heads up on some of the Disney Brothers favorite things to do.  Then we headed out to celebrate our anniversary!
Music at the ‘Olelo Room
Want to talk about being a fuddy duddy…my husband and I had grand plans for our night out, and we never ended up making off of Aulani property (we did walk just around the cove to get a few awesome pictures)!  We went to dinner at ‘Ama ‘Ama for the second time during our trip, had a couple of drinks at The ‘Olelo Room and listened to some live music and went back to the room.  You have to know that we had been woken up every morning of our trip by Disney Baby who was going to bed on Hawaii time, but waking up on schedule for home).  
When we returned back to our room, we found Gail and Middle Disney Brother sitting at the kitchen table.  He was teaching Gail all about his new favorite video game.  Disney Baby and Oldest Disney Brother had fallen asleep watching Finding Nemo.  We received a full report on the boys; she let us know what they did, what they played, watched, and how much food they ate (I have 3 growing boys).  We paid Gail, and she left.
We asked the boys what they thought, and they LOVED her.  They wanted to bring her home so that she could sit for them there too.
I know that leaving your kids with someone that you have never met before can be pretty nerve racking…I have never really had this problem.  I felt fully confident that my children would be well taken care of.  The kids had the best experience and that was all that I was really worried about.

Happy 10th Anniversary!