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Be Our Guest for Breakfast Dining ReviewBy Tinker Belle Diva

While planning our Walt Disney World vacation, I heard that Be Our Guest Restaurant is a good Quick Service choice for lunch. I grabbed a couple of dining reservations at the 180-day mark, but after securing our Fast Passes at the 60-day mark, I had to adjust some of our reservations. Since the timing of our plans didn’t fall for us to have a lunch reservation, and I decided to give breakfast a try.

Be Our Guest is unique because while it is classified as quick service for breakfast, you do need to make an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) weeks or months before your trip in order to be able to dine here. We had a relatively late ADR time of 10:30 a.m., which allowed us to either sleep-in and have a late breakfast, or hit rope drop to ride attractions before we ate. Since we are west coasters, we don’t typically hit rope drop so we chose the sleep-in option. You also have the option to pre-order your food prior to your trip on the My Disney Experience app or website.
DIVA TIP: We pre-ordered to avoid standing in a line to order our meals. I estimate that the food order line was a 10-15 minute wait.

Be Our Guest Cup

Be Our Guest Cup

We also added the Be Our Guest cup for an additional $5 for each kid. I was pleased with the quality of the cup. It has a very thick wall and a Mickey Mouse closure on the lid to help prevent spills. It was a good purchase and souvenir for the kids.

Be Our Guest is located towards the back of Fantasyland, and with your ADR, you will check-in at the entrance pillar. Here the Cast Member will give you a yellow rose to carry with you into the restaurant. Next you will cross a bridge and head to the entrance doors into the restaurant.

Once you enter the doors, those without pre-orders go right into the order queue. Thankfully, we pre-ordered so we went straight ahead to the cashier to pay for our pre-order (or use dining credits if you are on a dining plan). The cashier confirmed our order and traded our yellow rose for a red one.

Be Our Guest "Rose"

The Red Rose

We were told to head into the ballroom and find ourselves a table. We sat down and to wait for our meals to be delivered from the staff. They have carts that they wheel into the dining room and locate you via your red rose. Drinks are serve yourself. There was a long section of the ballroom wall that has the drink station. I had coffee, my husband had hot chocolate, and both kids had juice. It took about 10 minutes for our meal delivery and we filled our drinks while we waited.

Be Our Guest Ballroom

In the ballroom waiting for our meals to be delivered

Both my husband and I ordered “Feast A La Gaston”. This meal consisted of scrambled eggs, herb-roasted potatoes, apple smoked bacon, and sausage served with fresh fruit and a selection of pastries for $25. My kids ordered from the Kids Meals. My daughter had the French toast, which is made with brioche bread, while my son had scrambled eggs with applewood bacon. Both meals come with fresh fruit and the same selection of pastries for $14 each.

Feast A La Gaston

Feast A La Gaston and selection of pastries

Unfortunately, three out of the four of us didn’t like our meals. In particular, none of us liked how the eggs were cooked. They were very runny compared to the scrambled eggs we had back in our food court at the Port Orleans French Quarter. Plus the pastries may have been fresh once, but the majority of them were no longer. We were especially disappointed in the croissant as it was not buttery or flakey, but rather dry and hard. On the bright side, the bacon, sausage and fruit were of the quality I would expect at a quick service restaurant. My daughter was very happy with her French toast. We did not feel that any of the meals were worth the price due to the lack of quality  compared to what we have eaten at other quick service restaurants. A similar breakfast at our resort food court would have been more than half of what we spent on this meal and the quality is far superior. I cannot recommend having breakfast at Be Our Guest. I will say that the atmosphere in the ballroom was very nice, and taking a photo by the Beauty and the Beast window is a great perk. So perhaps you should try Be Our Guest for lunch? Then read Sleepy Diva’s review here.

Be Our Guest Glass Window

Photo Op at the Window