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IMG_5728By D’land Diva

Oh, we have all been there. Yes, there are times when you feel like you can’t possibly walk one more step while on your Disney vacation. Or, maybe your three year old has just had it and needs a sensory break. It could also be the heat…100 degrees at Disneyland? It happens!

Whatever your reason, you may need to take a break from the rides and attractions and just regroup. There are plenty of nice places to do this within the park, and I’m here to offer up a few suggestions.

1) Main Street. There are plenty of benches on Main Street, but many folks like to just sit on the curbs, too. In front of some of the store fronts you may also find some benches that are up off the sidewalk and these are especially nice for relaxing as they kind of take you away from the action, but still allow you to see what’s going on. The benches in front of the Main Street Train Station also offer a nice place to relax. These are up a fair amount of stairs, which may seem challenging to get to, but once up there, you are rewarded with a view down Main Street all the way to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. There is also, of course, the train itself! Take a Grand Central Tour around the park! One of my favorite places to relax on Main Street is the Main Street Cinema. This AIR CONDITIONED theater does not offer benches or chairs, but it does offer a platform of sorts that many folks like to rest on. It shows six classic Mickey Mouse cartoons all day long and is quite entertaining. Diva Tip: It is dark in the theater. IMG_4243

2) Fantasyland. One of the best places to rest in Fantasyland is on the bridge of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. There are alcove benches that line the sides of the drawbridge. If you are waiting for members of your party riding the Mad Tea Party teacups, there is a little shaded alcove across from the Storybook Canal ride that offers a nice resting spot.  Pinocchio’s Village Haus offers many umbrella tables that provide shade and a nice place to sit with a cool drink. There are also some tables around the Casey Jr. Circus train, but these seats go fast. If you like to rest with live entertainment, you can also check out the Mickey and Magical Map show in the shaded Fantasyland Theater or the shows in the Fantasy Faire theater (they currently offer a Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast show that are quite funny and entertaining).

3) Fronteirland. There are benches throughout Fronteirland, but I have two favorite places to rest here: at Big Thunder Ranch and The Golden Horseshoe. Big Thunder Ranch has had a good thing going for awhile now, with shaded benches, live entertainment and some character interactions. The Golden Horseshoe also has live entertainment, but the real advantage here is the air conditioning and the fact that it is inside (so a great place to wait out the rain). Oh, there is also the food in the Golden Horseshoe. A HUGE SLICE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE. Mmmm…IMG_2429

4) New Orleans Square. This is probably my favorite place to rest because I love the ambiance of this land. I like to rest at the French Market/ Mint Julep Bar. It is shaded and they often have live jazz music playing. Sip a Mint Julep and enjoy!IMG_3582

5) Critter Country. Critter Country is kind of a small land, and although there are benches by the Winnie the Pooh Meet and Greet, they are often taken with folks waiting for their party to come off of Splash Mountain. I really like to rest over at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. My favorite spot is downstairs, near the water. I can watch the boats going by on the river and watch the ducks.

6) Adventureland. This tends to be the most congested of lands just because of where it is located and the lines for the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones often spill out into the walkway. There are a few places to sit throughout the land, but the best place to sit is in a little area called Aladdin’s Oasis. They used to have a cool Aladdin show here, but now it mostly sits empty, apart from the occasional Meet and Greet. It is kind of secluded and back away from the crowds and this makes it a great place to desensitize.

7) Tomorrowland. This land tends to also be very busy and traffic can bottleneck, making the benches that sit in the middle of the walkway kind of stressful. There are several places I like to rest in Tomorrowland that are away from the crowds: First, there is a snack cart across from Space Mountain that has some shaded tables and chairs. Second, the Pizza Port Restaurant has a section in the back, near the entrance to Space Mountain that is shaded and relaxing. Third, the exit to Space Mountain is full of seating, although it is often full due to folks waiting for their party to get off the ride. The Finding Nemo Submarine ride is currently closed for awhile, but the Marine Observation Outpost is a great place to rest, as well. This small room offers a video of the ride in an air conditioned room with bench seating. You can ask the cast member at the front of the attraction for details.

8) Toontown. If you have kids, the playground next to Goofy’s House is an ideal place to rest. Benches are limited, but there are also some walls to put your back up against. There are also two water fountains with bench seating surrounding them. I also like to have a seat in the little alcove NEXT TO the playground. If you are interested in a little snack with your rest time, there are some umbrella covered tables near the restaurants and snack stand.IMG_4834

So there you have it folks, my favorite places to rest at Disneyland. Now, take that rest and then get back to rides already!