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The Blue Bayou restaurant is one of a kind…

The guest has the opportunity to sit back in a quiet, candle lit “outdoor” patio and enjoy your meal… all the while listening the Pirates of the Caribbean story.

Oh did I forget to mention Blue Bayou is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

While you enjoy your food that is all Louisiana style, you listen to the “yo ho ho, a pirates life for me” music.

The entrance is actually outside of the ride and you are brought around to the “gate” and let into the restaurant.

The food was good, the service quite speedy and overall it is was very fun and unique experience.

The menu is on the small side with only a handful of options available but they are good options, such as: a monte cristo sandwich, jambalaya and ribs among others.

Pictures can be difficult to take inside as the area is dimly lit and flashes going off can be disturbing to other eaters.

From what we saw, they did a wonderful job at accommodating children, parties and couples.

There was a party next to us of about 10 or so {and the “patio” is on the small side} and they were able to celebrate a birthday with a dessert being brought out with candles and everything.

The cost is $36+ per person.

Reservations are recommended.

We would definitely go back to this restaurant again!!

Happy feasting!!

Diva Meesh 🙂