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By Tiki Diva

Breakfast at Woody's Lunchbox

Picture it: Hollywood Studios. 7:15 AM

Tower of Terror in the morning

Early Morning at Hollywood Studios

You left your hotel two hours earlier to be one of the first in the park for the day. You survived the running of the bulls back to the recently-unveiled Toy Story Land. And now you’re not just hungry, you’re famished. What’s a Disney fan to do? Never fear. The Walt Disney World Imagineers figured you would need sustenance in their darling interpretation of Andy’s Backyard. Lucky for you, Andy has left his lunchbox propped open and the goodies are abundant. 

Fairly centrally located, Woody’s Lunch Box is a cute little quick service spot to grab a bite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In what may be the most well-themed restaurant in Hollywood Studios, you’ll find nostalgic meals just like Mom made 

My husband and I stopped in for breakfast. It was around 9 AM and the park had opened early, at 6:30 AM for their scheduled 7:00 Extra Magic Hours. By 8:30, we had been launched, flipped, and dropped, having dashed over to Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror after playing for awhile in Toy Story Land. We were ready for some grub! 


Tike Diva Toy Story Mania

Tiki Diva finally beats her husband at Toy Story Midway Mania

Dish it Up

For breakfast, Woody’s Lunch Box dishes up a selection of breakfast sandwiches, a breakfast bowl, and some pretty delectable sweets. Personally, I live for breakfast, so I had a difficult time making a selection. The French Toast S’mores sandwich looked absolutely amazing, with marshmallow fluff and chocolate spread layered between slices of French toast. For a healthier selection, you could choose a turkey and egg sandwich or the slightly healthy banana split parfait, which is topped with yummy chocolate chips. However, Tiki Husband decided to try out the kid-sized breakfast bowl (as he decidedly does not live for breakfast and wanted a smaller portion) and I ordered up the Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart. 

Woody’s Lunch box breakfast

Kid-size Breakfast Bowl

Practically Poutine

Let’s start with the breakfast bowl. As I mentioned, my husband ordered it from the kids menu and it was a great value. For $5.49, he received a bowl of potato rounds smothered in country gravy and topped with eggs and green onions. Additionally, he got a side of crispy potato barrels, a mandarin orange, and a carton of low-fat milk. If you are especially hungry, you can order a larger bowl for $8.49. This breakfast dish was wonderfully filling. The gravy is just flavorful enough, without being overpowering. The tots remain crispy, while the eggs are nice and fluffy. You really can’t go wrong here, particularly if you are a fan of poutine (although you sadly won’t find the cheese in here). This is a dish that I will certainly work to recreate in my own kitchen because it is THAT good. 

Lunch Box Tart

Enjoying a Lunch Box Tart

Time for Something Sweet

As for my Lunch Box Tart, they come in two varieties— chocolate-hazelnut and raspberry. Having done no research on Toy Story Land or its food options before arriving, I went in as a blind taster. Loving Nutella, I chose the chocolate-hazelnut variety with no hesitation. This delicious pop tart-like pastry is topped with bacon crumbles and maple icing. Mine even had some little candy pearls strewn here and there. The pastry is thick, flaky, and buttery, and encases a rich chocolaty filling. Billed as a dessert, this went down perfectly with milk and would be even better with a frothy iced coffee. It is quite large, so consider sharing it with a buddy. Since returning, I’ve spoken with other Disney fans who tell me that, believe it or not, the raspberry tart is even better! Both are reasonably priced at $3.29 each, so try them and see. 

Cheese wheel at woodys lunch box

The Big Cheese


While the food is fantastic, I love a highly-themed restaurant and this one can’t be beat. Woody’s Lunch Box is an outdoor food stand, but the architecture and design make up for its lack of indoor seating. Approaching the restaurant, look up! You’ll see that the ordering and pickup counters are encased in a vintage-style tin lunch box. Looking closely, you can see the Prospector and his pals engaged in a rootin’ tootin’ relief scene on the underside of the lid. Andy’s thermos holds up one side of the awning and he has carefully constructed umbrellas and seating arrangements for all his toys. See if you can find benches made of Lincoln logs, wooden train tracks, dominoes, and wheels of Babybel cheese. The details here are phenomenal! 

Woody’s Lunch Box has struck gold. It is a clear winner for my favorite quick service restaurant in Hollywood Studios. If you are anywhere near Toy Story Land and it is time for breakfast, be sure to stop in and give it a try. 


Tips Before You Go:

  • Skip the lines! Mobile ordering makes mealtime a breeze. Use the My Disney Experience App to place your order and they will call your name for pick up. 
  • If you’re not famished, try out a kid’s meal.  They serve up a nicely balanced meal for a fraction of the cost.
  • Since Toy Story Land is pretty busy right now, seating can be difficult to find. Look around the land for additional benches if you don’t absolutely need a table. We balanced our tray across our laps and it worked well enough for our small meal. 
  • Cups of water are free so you can easily stay hydrated in the summer heat. Pick up a couple small cups per person at each meal.