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by British Diva 

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is an extra park ticket event held on select dates September to November in the Magic Kingdom.
It has be be said that I love a good party and have always yearned to join in with all the trick or treating fun that comes with Halloween; & finally at the end of September I got my chance!
Over here in the UK we are lead to believe from what we see at the movies that Halloween is massively celebrated by our American cousins with lots of family fun and is generally a good excuse to have a spooktacular party!
I found that thankfully for once this wasn’t just a movie myth, but that it’s completely true.  American’s do indeed throw themselves; body & soul into celebrating All Hallow’s Eve.
Spooky entrance to the Magic Kingdom

One of the first things that I noticed upon my arrival to the Magic Kingdom were the haunting sound effects and the ethereal lighting, not to mention the wonderful pumpkin statues. This theming is carried on right down Main Street, after that there are touches of Autumn (Fall) most everywhere….

Wonderful Jack o’lantern theming.

Be sure to pick up a special party park guide map which contains all the info you’ll need for your evenings entertainment; like the Boo To You Parade & HalloWishes firework display times, character  dance parties and most importantly the for kids (both big & small), a guide to where all the Trick or Treating stations are!

To get the most out of your ticket you may also like to read these Diva tips & hints before you go.
Main Street USA complete with an atmospheric full moon hiding behind the clouds.

Disney totally bewitch Main Street USA; it seemingly crawls with revellers all night long……

British Diva aka a Pink Lady
MNSSHP is the only time Disney allows it’s adult guests to dress up in their finest fancy dress gear (although it must always be family friendly), which meant for me one of the huge delights of the evening was people watching….I’m just not used to seeing huge crowds of people who’ve gone the whole hog and come as Mad Hatters, Ugly Sisters or even both Beauty & the Beast at the same time – yes, really!
I realise that when you are travelling from afar you may not wish to encumber yourself with an extra ‘wear once’ outfit, but quite honestly to be part of the fun you absolutely MUST dress up for Halloween – after all what are the chances of you seeing anyone from home, or indeed having your photo posted online?If you manage to over indulge on the trick or treat sweets (candy), or have dietary restrictions you can  exchange them for more healthy snacks at City Hall.

The ghoulish Cast Members of The Haunted Mansion.

During the party is a brilliant time to find lots of seldom seen characters, so if you get lucky you could snap a picture with Snow White & all Seven Dwarves, Tarzan, Jane & Terk or Mickey & Minnie in their Halloween Costumes!  All the cast members get into the spirit of things, especially those from the Haunted Mansion who seem to be totally and utterly in character the whole time; which I found intriguing!

The same rules apply at night as for during the day, the early staking out of a good spot to watch the Boo To You Parade; you really don’t want to miss the Headless Horseman galloping down the street mounted on his ‘black as night’ steed!  The same strategy goes for HalloWishes; British Diva’s top tip is to catch the parade from Frontierland and I believe the fireworks are best viewed from Main Street.

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Walt Disney World from early September to early November then I can throughly recommend that you pay the extra $$’s & experience MNSSHP on these selected dates.