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Author: Canadian Diva

I love Bullet Journaling, especially when I can combine my love for Bullet Journaling with my love for Disney. I was actually inspired to write this article because of Toy Story Fanatic Devo’s article on how to start a Travel Journal here

Whenever I post a photo of one of my Bullet Journal (or BUJO for short) layouts on Instagram, I frequently get asked this question:

Bullet Journaling, Disney Side, Disney Theme, Planning, Orgaizing

Disney Themed Bullet Journals

What is Bullet Journaling? 

Bullet Journaling or the “Bullet Journal System” was geniusly created by Ryder Carroll. Ryder Carroll is a digital product designer who wanted to make a system to keep track of his everyday activities and “to-do” list. His philosophy is to write tasks down, rapid log and then carry forth what wasn’t done to another time/day. Ryder Carroll uses specific symbols to identify each task and prioritize accordingly. This system is to “Track the Past, Organize the Present and Plan for Future”. You can see his video about the system he formulated  here. From this system, it has morphed into a whole International online Bullet Journal community.

I asked Heather Ross of Diary Journal Book what she thinks of the Bullet Journal Craze

“I think bullet journaling has been alive and well for decades. It took someone like Ryder Carroll, to give it a name and market the idea. This all made it easier to share on Social Media. Watching the movement expand based on this, has transported us back to a time when we kept a journal or diary, awakening our creative side while introducing us to the idea that we can incorporate the scheduling of our daily tasks in a creative way. Bullet Journaling itself is akin to a “to-do” list with a sprinkle of creativity.”

Why is it so popular?

Heather Ross thinks it’s because “…it awakens a creative side in each of us that we may have put aside as the responsibilities of life took over. Perhaps we put down our ‘dreamy’ diary filled with stories and doodles in exchange for a planner filled with pages meant to keep us on track with work, school, parenting etc. Then along came Bullet Journaling which meshed together these worlds.”

I personally like the flexibility and how personalized Bullet Journaling is. One can utilize it with whatever suits their individual needs. And it has become so creative with many beautiful layouts by a lot of imaginative people of all different backgrounds and careers. Whether you are an artist, a teacher, a doctor and/or a mom & travel blogger (like ME) etc.,  who just wants to be organized in a creative way –  a Bullet Journal helps you achieve this. You don’t have to be a great artist to do Bullet Journaling, trust me, I’m horrible at drawing! Many popular Bullet Journal Layouts are  also very minimalistic. This  goes with the basis of how indiscriminate BUJO really is; you can be as colourful or playful or artistic as you like, or you can be as minimalistic as you want, it’s all about what works for YOU.  

Here are a few of my Disney Inspired BUJO Layouts:

This is a “Daily/Weekly Spread” I did with a Mickey Theme. I track down my priorities of the each day of that particular week. I included quotes from Walt Disney to motivate and inspire me. On the bottom I write down what I’m “thankful for” that day.

Bullet Journal, Mickey, Hidden Mickey, Disney Side, Organize, Daily Organization, Planner

Mickey Themed Bullet Journal Daily Layout.


The following is a collage of my Bullet Journal spreads which are inspired by a few  of the Disney Princesses. As I mentioned above, I cannot draw well, so instead, I used colours and symbols  to evoke the theme. These layouts include a daily “to-do” list, gratitude journaling, a self-care journal and a money habit tracker! 

Self-Care,Habit Tracker, Bullet Journal, Gratitude, Daily Planning, Planner, Money Managing, Gratitude Journal

Can you guess which Disney Princess Inspired each layout?


Here is a fun one I did with a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY theme. I write my future goals for the next year, in two years, five years and then ten years. Many life coaches and motivational speakers always encourage people to write their goals down like this because goals and dreams do come true.

(Hint: Last year, one of my goals was that I wanted my family to visit Walt Disney World again in a year or two and guess what? As I am typing, we are going in two weeks!)

Life Goals, Future Goals, Guardians of the Galaxy, Bullet Journal, Disney Side, Motivation, Life Planning



Now here is a person who CAN draw well. Instagramer @maplebujo is an incredible artist who uses water colouring and other medium for her Bullet Journal Layouts. Check out the following MOANA themed layouts she did.

Moana, Hei Hei, Maui, Instagram, IG, Bullet Journal, water colour, planning, organizing

Instagram: @maplebujo
Look at her beautiful MOANA themed Bullet Journal Layouts.


Micah of @my_blue_sky_design has such GORGEOUS and intricate Bullet Journal layouts. She is a huge Disneyland fan and incorporates her love for Disney & memories of her trips to Disneyland in a lot of her layouts.

Disneyland, memories, bullet journal, design elements

Micah of @my_blue_sky_design Beautiful layout of her Memories which includes DISNEYLAND


Disneyland, Hidden Mickey, Castle, quote, Disney Quote, Design, Bullet Journal

Don’t you love this quote?


Disney, Disneyland, favorites, gratitude, memories,

Two lovely Disney Side layouts.


@kyle_kreates is such a CREATIVE person. I absolutely love his Instagram.  Here’s what Kyle says about Bullet Journaling…

“Bullet Journaling allows me to give myself permission to make mistakes and create the EXACT format that works with my ADHD mind. I can now get crazy ideas and thoughts that hover in my head and bring them to fruition just by simply putting them to paper. Writing items down not only helps me remember a task or an event coming up, but it helps me collect my thoughts and get stuff done my own way.”

Kyle is expanding his creativeness into other areas so stay tuned to his IG for more! 

Check out his adorable BEAUTY AND THE BEAST layout below.

Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Teapot, Rose, Bullet Jouranl Page, Bullet Journal layout

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Bullet Journal Page by Kyle of @kyle_kreates
Isn’t this beautiful?



The next two layouts I did not do in a Leuchtturm Notebook (the photos of the layouts I did above were done in a Leuchttrum 1917 Notebook which is a very popular choice for people who love to Bullet Journal). The following layouts were done in the blank pages of a Printed Planner by Life Coach – Sage Grayson. I used Disney stickers for these spreads.

Bullet Jouranl, Joy, Inside Out, Gratitude Journal, Disney, Pixar

INSIDE OUT’s “Joy” themed Bullet Journal Gratitude Layout.


Below I did a BLACK PANTHER theme. In this particular layout, is a habit tracker, where  I tracked each day how I used technology positively or how I benefitted from technology on that day.  

BLACK PANTHER, Wakanda, Bullet Jouranal, Planner, Organizer, Journal, Marvel, Disney

A BLACK PANTHER themed Bullet Journal Layout. Can you read the Wakada Alphabet?


Tip: if you feel like you don’t have time to do a daily or weekly or monthly spread, get a regular Agenda to organize your time, schedule important dates etc. and then use the blank pages in the Agenda (if there are any) or get a notebook to accompany your planner to do other spreads like habit trackers, meal plans, life goals, inspirational quotes and more.

As mentioned above, there is  GREAT online community of support. Heather Ross of Diary Journal Book says this of the Bullet Journal world and Bullet Journaling’s longevity, 

“The Bullet Journal community is also very active in sharing information, ideas and encouragement. From a human standpoint, we’re all attracted to this ‘club’ feeling whether it be journaling or something else and I believe this is a big factor in the continued growth and survival of Bullet Journaling.”

Are you thinking of starting a Bullet Journal? Do you love Disney too? Please share your layouts, a great hashtag is #BujoDisneyTheme, or tag us on Instagram @tipsfromthedisneydiva

We would love to see your Bullet Journal spreads!

Here are wonderful resources to get you inspired to Bullet Journal. All of the people below are truly my Role Models: 

Ryder Carroll – the person who started it all!

Sage Grayson –  is the first person with whom I found out about Bullet Journaling (and washi tape!) through her organizing and life coaching videos. I incorporate MANY of my BUJO layouts from her coaching of time management and life editing skills. She is a huge Disney Fan too and FUN FACT, she was a writer for Tips from the Disney Diva!!

Boho Berry – has such beautifully designed layouts. I started learning how to do different layouts by watching her videos.

Tiny Ray of Sunshine – another very  popular person in the BUJO community, check out her #bulletjournalchallege on Social Media to help prompt and motivate you to get creative and organized with your Bullet Journaling.

Between the Steps – Michaela is such a lovely person who is so passionate about Bullet Journaling. She also has a Facebook support group for people who love to BUJO.

Diary Journal Book – is one of the most supportive in the BUJO community. On her Instagram  @diaryjouranlbook she shares Bullet Journal layouts from people all over the world. Diary Journal Book also has great online tips, advice and more to get you started on the right path to organizing. Thank you very much  Heather Ross for contributing your insight above on Bullet Journaling. AND Heather Ross has offered a 30% Discount code for YOU (one time use) until September 15, 2018. Use Discount Code: disneydiva over at Diary Journal Book

A very special thanks to Kyle of @kyle_kreates, Meg of @maplebujo and Micah of @my_blue_sky_design for letting me display their WONDERFUL layouts in this article. Please check out their Instagram for more creative inspiration

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