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By Dopey Diva

     Toy Story is one of my youngest son’s favorite Disney Pixar movies so we just had to wait in line to meet Buzz and Woody. They  have a special meet and greet area located across from the entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania. Their wait time is usually quite long, but luckily once you get inside, it is air conditioned! Both characters usually appear together and the backdrop is set up to look like you are on Andy’s bed. Even though there is a long wait time, the indoor queue has special Toy Story themed decorations where children can play and pose for pictures which can help make the time go by faster. I think we found the wait line almost as enjoyable as getting to meet Buzz and Woody.

When we finally made it to the front of the line we were all so excited to see Buzz and Woody. They both made a big fuss over my little guy and he was thrilled to see 2 of his favorite characters. He  kept trying to push Buzz’s buttons, even during our group picture.
This was definitely a meet and greet worth waiting for!