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Aim for the inside of his left hand

By Undercover Diva

I might be biased, because Buzz Lightyear is my favorite character, but I love Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! It is my goal to become a Galactic Hero and score 999,999 points. (Tip: If you do this, don’t forget to tell a Cast Member and get you Galactic Hero button!) In this venture to become a Galactic Hero, I have spent plenty of time on this ride. It’s great for the whole family because little ones can sit on mom or dad’s lap and shoot the space cannon to help defeat Evil Emperor Zurg.

For those who have never experience the thrill of the Space Ranger Spin, it is a slow moving ride that makes you feel like you are inside a video game as you shoot at the ‘Z’s to rack up points. Players use a joystick to help spin their star cruiser one way or another in order to get as many shots in as possible. There are four different rooms with scattered Z insignia’s worth varying points and a few extra places to shoot at in between. At the end, you can look at your score and find out what your new Star Command rank is.

Aim for the very bottom Z

If you are like me and you are an avid Space Ranger, here are a few of the cheats I have found to help you up your game! In the first room with all the robots, aim for the inside of the left hand on the orange robot. This will give you 100,000 points each time you land a direct hit. You can also shoot the robots in the far left for more points. In the second, biggest room filled with a bunch of strange aliens, aim for the volcano in the back of the room. The top Z is worth 25,000 points, though I’ve heard the lower one is worth more. In the third room, if you knock over a battery they are worth 50,000 point, but I like to prepare to hit the Z on the very bottom of Zurg’s ship since you have to hit it at an angle. This insignia is worth 100,000 points, and if you can hit it more than once, more power to ya! This last place to get some major points is in place where most people miss out. In the tunnel with a computer screen that shows stars and a space ship, many players think this is just for looks, but if you can shoot the Z the appears on the space ship once it starts to hover this is also worth 100,000 points. This one is kinda hard to see and it looks a little like a black spot. Remember in general that the farther away the target, the more points it’s worth. And if you don’t like your score the first time, go on again!

Don’t forget to check out your rank!

In general, the line for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is not too bad. I think the worst I have seen it is about 45 minutes, but it seems to move faster than that. It’s a continuous conveyor belt that only slows to let on a guest who is transferring from a wheelchair, so they can cycle through a lot of guests very quickly. This might be one ride where you want to get a FastPass and hop in line before your FastPass time and then get right on a second time once you have a better idea of where to shoot. If you are there in the off season, the line is only about 5 – 10 minutes long, and you may not even need a FastPass. The only thing I don’t like about this ride is that the cannons are connected to the star cruiser so it limits the amount of movement that you have.

The Scream factor is about a 1, the ride is in the dark but it is fairly well lit with black lights or other fun lighting. There are some loud noises so very young children might be scared, but this ride is aimed at kids so they kept it fun and not too scary.